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TV Shows

The Big Bang Theory
Characters: Penny, Sheldon
Ships: Penny/Leonard

Criminal Minds
Characters: Emily Prentiss, JJ

Glee (Current Favorite Show)
Characters/Groups: Santana, Brittany, Sunshine, The Troubletones, Unholy Trinity
Ships: Brittany/Santana, Heather Morris/Naya Rivera

Gossip Girl
Characters: Blair Waldorf
Ships: Dan/Blair

Grey's Anatomy
Characters: Cristina Yang, Arizona Robbins

New Girl
Characters: Jess, Cece


Characters: Nikita
Ships: Nikita/Michael

Once Upon A Time
Character: Emma Swan, Rumplestiltskin, Snow White/Mary Margaret,  
Ships: Snow White/Prince Charming

Pretty Little Liars
Characters: Emily Fields, Hanna Marin
Ships: Emily/Maya

Sailor Moon
Characters: Sailor Moon/Serena, Sailor Mars/Rei, The Sailor Scouts
Ships: Serena/Darrien

Characters: Helen Magnus, Tesla, Henry

The Vampire Diaries
Characters: Katherine, Caroline, Bonnie
Ships: Bonnie/Jeremy, Jeremy/Anna


Pirates of the Caribbean (Movies 2-4)
Characters: Captain Jack Sparrow  
Ships: Will/Elizabeth

Santa Clause 2
Characters: Carol
Ships: Carol/Scott

Transformers (Movies 1-3)

Characters: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Jetfire, Mikaela,
Ships: Mikaela/Sam

Video Games

Assassin's Creed (Any of the Games)
Characters: Altair, Ezio,

Kingdom Hearts II

Characters: Sora, Sora Forms, Goofy,

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