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It's Always Been You - Heya ONE-SHOT

Title: It's Always Been You

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 2,859

Pairings/characters: Heather/Naya

Disclaimer: I don't own these actresses. This is purely a work of fiction.

Summary: Heather goes over to Naya's house and expresses some emotions the brunette never thought would come out of Heather's mouth. ONE-SHOT

SPOILER ALERT: I briefly mention a piece of The Hunger Games novel so if you haven't read it beforehand and don't want to be spoiled at all, read it first. It's a really minor part that doesn't give much away.

Italic is thought

Author's Note:

Here is another Heather/Naya fic for all of you. For those of you waiting for me to update Coming Back To You, just know that I will update it eventually, I just have sooo many Heya ideas that I can't help but to write them. Plus with the amount of reviews/alerts I got for my last one, I am so inspired to write more HeYa fics for all of you. Also, for those of you who liked "I Want That With You", I am writing a sequel for it.

I hope you all enjoy this fic.

It's Always Been You

After a long 16 hour shift of working on the Glee set Naya was finally at home sitting on the couch reading a book. It wasn't often that she had the time to sit and read a book but today after a very long day filled with laughter and emotion she was forced to hold back, her day was finally over. Now she sat here on her couch getting fully engulfed in The Hunger Games. She had heard so many things about this book so she had to read it for herself to find out what all the talk was about this book. Was it really as good as people said it was? So far, she really liked it. She had just gotten to the part where Katniss and Peeta entered the stadium in their flaming outfits that Cinna created for them. I wonder how they are going to do this in the movie.

She pushed the black frame of her glasses up the bridge of her nose as they slipped down slightly before she turned the page.


She looked at the clock on her mantel above the fireplace that was lit and saw that the clock said 10:30pm. Who would be coming to my door at this time of night? She thought to herself as she picked up her bookmark and placed it in the book. Getting up from her comfy spot on the couch she made her way to the door.

Her hand met metal as she grasped the gold door handle and turned it to open the door revealing Heather Morris. She wasn't smiling that amazing smile she always was and she wasn't sad either, her face was stuck between the two emotions. Naya didn't know how to react. What confused the brunette even more was that Heather was wearing PJ pants and a hoodie. It looked almost like she just woke up and threw on some clothes.

"Hi Heather, what are you doing here?" Naya asked not sure what to say. After the long day she had with Heather she figured that the blonde would be at home with her boyfriend instead she was here. I wonder why?

Heather's tongue swept out of her mouth and ran along her dry lips before speaking, "I had to speak with you. I was going to wait until tomorrow but I just couldn't wait." She had a sense of urgency in her voice.

Naya could tell that she was rambling so she moved to the side and motioned for Heather to walk into her house. "Come in, sit."

Heather walked in but she didn't sit. Naya looked at her confused once she closed the door, "You don't want to sit?"

The blonde shook her head from side to side, "No, if I sit I think I'll lose my nerve for the main reason I'm here and I can't do that, especially not after everything that happened earlier."

Naya's eyebrows knit in more confusion, "What do you mean? What happened earlier? Did something happen with Taylor?" Concern overtook her facial features.

Heather's eyes averted Naya's and the Latina knew instantly that that was what it was. Whatever this was, it had to do with Taylor. Naya always had this ability to be able to spot when Heather was avoiding something. "What did he do Heather?" she asked a bit afraid of the answer especially if it was something along the lines of hitting her. In that case Naya would leave the house in an instant to tell him off if that happened. However there was something about Heather that made her think that wasn't it. Something else happened, what it was exactly, she couldn't figure it out.

"He didn't do anything." Naya could hear the honesty in Heather's voice. "I-I'm the reason for what happened earlier."

"Well spit it out, what happened earlier? Stop avoiding the question." Naya was getting a bit frustrated with this cat and mouse thing they were doing here. She wanted to help Heather but she could only do that if the blonde told her what was up.

"I... I broke up with Taylor." It almost came out as a whisper because Naya felt like she didn't hear her correctly.

"You... You what?" She looked at Heather questioning confused out of her mind. "Why?" Was all she could think to ask. She could ask how it happened but she was too curious about the why because with Heather there is always a why.

"I realized that I'm not in love with him, I'm in love with someone else. Someone I didn't realize I was until today. Today was an eye opener for me." She said looking Naya right in the eyes hoping that she would get it without an explanation.

Naya looked at her a bit shocked, "How are you in love with someone else? I know you Heather, you don't cheat. Out of all the similarities that you have with your character Brittany, cheating is not one of them so how can you be in love with someone that isn't your boyfriend. When did you meet him? I mean when you aren't spending time with Taylor, you're usually with either Ashley or I."

Heather nodded in agreement, "You're right, I don't cheat."

"Then who could you possibly be in love with if it isn't Taylor?" Naya asked completely dumbfounded by this whole situation unfolding in front of her.

Heather fiddled with her fingers not being able to look at Naya, "I'm in love with you." She looked up to see her best friend's reaction.

"I love you too Heather, you know that. We're besties for life." Naya said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Heather shook her head from side to side, "No you don't get it. I. Love. You." She said with emotion. "I love you as more than a friend, more than a best friend. I want to be with you, not Taylor."

Naya just stood there; she couldn't believe what she was hearing. Everything she had ever wished for was coming together right in front of her but she didn't know how to react. She should be ecstatic and yet she was frozen in place. She let one word slip out, "What?" before she went back to listening to Heather.

Heather jumped right into her story, "Every time Taylor would leave LA and go back to Arizona, I would be sad at first but then while hanging out with you I would feel so much love and I had always figured it was because I wished I could be doing those things with Taylor. That I was just missing him and then when he would visit, that love would amplify making it even more real that he was who I loved. This continued over and over and over for years so it only made sense to me that he was the one for me but then he moved here. He actually moved in with me and I mean you saw me, I was ecstatic." Naya just fake smiled and nodded. "The love I was always feeling was dissipating and I know that people say that you just need to get used to this person being around you all the time but something seemed off. Something seemed different and I couldn't place it until today."

Naya couldn't remember today as she was too stuck in the present trying to determine where Heather was going with this.

Heather could see that Naya was too caught up in everything so she explained, "Today we filmed the very first Brittana kiss. The kiss that the fans have been waiting years to see and you and I were so excited for it because we wanted to make sure we did it justice and make it good. Not some fast peck like the one you and I shared in Dublin in the final live concert show. We didn't practice or anything, we just came to set and did it. Of course this was after we did the lines leading up to it and then they set up the cameras for the kiss. I remember you looked so nervous and leading up to the kiss I didn't understand why but when our lips met the first time, I completely understood why you were. Well I'm hoping anyway. As soon as I kissed you, all that love that I had been feeling constantly, instantly came back to me in full force. It was so powerful, it through me for a loop so that is why I kept 'messing up' the kiss so we could continue kissing." She used her fingers to quote the 'messing up' part.

Naya's face warmed up a little more as she felt a blush creeping up on her skin. The emotion she was trying to hide during the filming of that scene was coming back to her. Clearly she didn't do a very good job in hiding it either because Heather picked up on it. She couldn't help but let this adorable smile show.

"I realized in that moment that the love that I had been feeling over the last few years hasn't been about Taylor, it's been about you. It's always been you. So when I went home after shooting that scene and Taylor wanted to get all romantic with me, it felt wrong. It felt wrong to have his hands on me, his lips on mine when all I wanted was to continue making out with you. To feel your hands on me and your luscious lips on mine, I can't get it out of my mind. It hasn't left my mind since the director called cut because they finally got a good enough kiss that they could use on screen. It killed me that we couldn't continue and all I could think was 'I hope that Brittany and Santana kiss several times in the next episode.'" Her smile gleamed as she chuckled a bit at her revelation of what she hoped was going to happen in the coming episodes.

Naya couldn't help but to laugh at the comment as well because she too was hoping just that. She felt less frozen and she actually moved her legs away from the front entrance of her house toward Heather.

Heather followed Naya's direction with her eyes wondering what she was going to do next. How was she going to react to everything I just told her? Feeling scared that Naya might reject her, she continued on speaking, "So I broke up with him and I mean really broke up with him. It's not one of those things where tomorrow I'll be back with him. I truly broke up with him because I can't be with someone when I know for a fact that I have feelings for my best friend. Real feelings." Naya was moving closer and closer to Heather, the blonde was beginning to get much more nervous. The Latina stopped her movements toward her as she stood right in front of her. Heather began to ramble, "Please say something. I need you to say something Naya. Even if it's rejection, I just need something from you, I-"

She was cut off as Naya connected her lips to Heather's. It felt so natural, with all the kissing they had done mere hours ago, it was like they were back on the set of Glee except for the fact that both of them were in their PJs. At first Heather was stunned by the contact but then her brain clued in and her hands landed on Naya's hips feeling a bit of fear because she couldn't tell if this was what she should do with her hands. Sure, she had kissed a girl before but this wasn't just any girl, this was her best friend, a woman that she came to adore very quickly. One of Naya's hands snaked around the back of Heather while the other came up and caressed her jaw line before running her fingers to the back of her neck and pulling her closer to her trying to deepen the kiss.

Mmm... This feels amazing. Naya thought as she deepened the kiss further. Eventually Naya pulled back from Heather's lips slowly wanting to look into those beautiful blue eyes of hers.

Heather ran her tongue along her own lips, "Well then. I'm thinking the feeling goes both ways."

Naya chuckled at Heather's statement before looking at her more serious, "Haven't you ever wondered why I've never had a real boyfriend over the years since I met you?" She asked but it didn't need an answer. "It was because I was too head over heels for you to even think about being with someone else. If I would have it wouldn't have been fair to that person for me to be more into wanting to spend time with you then them."

"Awe... Naya, that's really how you feel?" Heather gushed.

She nodded, "Yes, so to hear you say everything you just said to me is making my heart soar to know that what I've been feeling, you have been to, even if it took you this long to realize it. I love you so much Heather, you mean the world to me."

Heather pulled Naya in for a hug as she saw tears beginning to form in the brunette's eyes. Naya wrapped her arms around Heather. Eventually they pulled back and Naya took off her glasses and wiped her eyes with the t-shirt she's wearing.

Naya finally looked at Heather after putting her glasses back on, "So where are you staying?" Heather looked at her confused. "Well, since you broke up with Taylor today, not too long ago, obviously he's still at your place, so where are you going to stay?"

Heather shrugged her shoulders, "I hadn't really thought that far ahead. I just had to come over here and tell you everything. I couldn't wait till tomorrow when everyone will be around."

"Well you could stay here tonight if you want. You know you already have some clothes here from the many times you have stayed over." She suggested hoping Heather would say yes because she just wanted to be with the blonde longer. Even if that meant putting her book away and just lying on the couch with Heather. She just wanted to be in her presence tonight. However if Heather said no, then Naya would just deal with it like she always had in the past.

Heather's face scrunched up as though she was in deep thought, "I don't know. I'm not sure if I'm ready to be sexual with you just yet. With everything that went down tonight, I don't think I could jump right into that."

"Of course not." Naya wrapped her fingers around Heather's hands and looked her square in the eye, "I wouldn't force you to do anything you weren't ready for. Plus, I don't know if I could just go there all of a sudden. Today has been filled with a lot of emotion, adding sex to the mix could be an overload. I just thought that maybe you'd want to be in a place that has someone that loves you. I just want to be near you is all but if you would rather be elsewhere, that's fine too." She tried to hide the sadness in her voice but she failed quite miserably. With everything that happened tonight, she didn't put much effort into hiding her emotions like she usually did when she was around Heather. "Being that it's almost midnight we could cuddle in my bed under the covers until we fall asleep. We have to get up at about 7am for a call time for 9am so it'd be the best plan in my opinion. What do you think?" She asked with a lot of hope in her voice. One of her hands let go of her hands and ran along Heather's arm.

Almost as though Heather's body was making the decision for her she yawned which made Naya chuckle. "Well, I guess my body has made up my mind. Driving while being this tired is not a good idea but I do want to stay. I can't imagine leaving now."

"Great, just let me turn off everything and we can go to bed." She said as she hit the buttons on the wall to turn off her electric fireplace. Then she held out her hand to Heather and she intertwined her fingers like she always does but this time it felt like so much more and then headed in the direction of Naya's bedroom.

Once in her room, they both got under the covers as Naya pulled off her glasses and placed them on the nightstand before laying back down on her pillow. She clicked the on button on her alarm as Heather's arm snaked around Naya's abdomen and pulled the brunette closer to her.

"I love you Naya, sweet dreams," she whispered into Naya's ear.

Naya felt all tingly from the sensation before responding, "I love you too." And they both slowly drifted off into a deep slumber.


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