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We'll Still Be Together - HeYa

Rating: PG-13

Pairings/characters: Heather/Naya

Disclaimer: I don't own these actresses; this is purely a work of fiction.

Summary: Heather can't deal with the fact that Brittany isn't graduating and Naya is there to comfort her after they film the dinner scene with Gloria Estefan. I also show how I think Brittany ended up with her black sweater in the choir room scenes.

Story Details: This story is based after Heather and Naya filmed the scene between Brittany/Santana and Santana's mom in the Season 3 finale Goodbye.

Author's Note: As I have previously said in all my HeYa fics, Heather and Naya are single because I am not writing them cheating on their boyfriends to be together. I refuse to do that so you can read this knowing that they aren't with anyone.

I don't have a beta so all mistakes are mine.

Please Enjoy.

We'll Still Be Together

The director called cut and told everyone that they had an hour break before they were going to film the senior's song to the underclassmen. After that announcement everyone hugged each other because this was the last scene they had to film with Gloria Estefan. Naya hugged Gloria tight wanting nothing more than for her to come back next season. So that she could have her as her mother again because this had been so much fun.

Naya walked over to her chair and picked up her black sweater and put it on. It wasn't too cold outside but she wanted to have it on just in case she left it somewhere and forgot about it. She looked around after all the excitement died down for Heather but she was nowhere to be found. She had just vanished. She was just here. Naya thought to herself wondering what happened to her. She turned to the nearest crew guy and asked, "Have you seen Heather?"

He shook his head from side to side, "No, sorry I haven't. Maybe she went to her trailer?" He suggested to her hoping that maybe that would help.

Naya just smiled at that. Maybe that's where she went. With that she left the lot in search of Heather. The blonde had to have been here somewhere.

On the way toward Heather's trailer, she bumped into Kevin McHale, "Have you seen Heather?"

"Yeah, I saw her walk into her trailer a few minutes ago." He smiled feeling good that he could help Naya out.

"Thanks Bee," She smiled and patted him on the shoulder before walking past him to Heather's trailer. The one place her and Heather spent a lot of time with each other chilling between scenes.

As she neared Heather's door she could hear a faint whimpering on the other side. It sounded like someone was trying to hold back sobs on the other side. Without question, Naya opened the door and walked in.

Heather looked up startled and quickly wiped the tears flowing down her cheeks. "Wh-What are you doing here?" She asked trying to hide back her sadness.

Naya slowly made her way to Heather, "I came to see if you wanted to get a coffee with me." She sat down on the couch next to the blonde looking very worried. "What's wrong?"

Heather opened her mouth several times trying to find the right words but they wouldn't come, "I don't—I don't understand." She broke down again. Her head fell down into her hands resting on her knees.

Naya instinctively jumped into her comforting zone and rubbed the blonde on the back, "Hey, it's okay." She placed her other hand on Heather's arm trying to feel connected so that maybe this connection would help calm her down.

Her sobs stopped and she looked up and toward Naya, "The fact that Brittany isn't graduating. I mean how can that be? She's part of the Cheerios, glee club, she's even senior class president. When I was in high school, you needed to have a certain grade to do all of those and yet apparently she has a zero point zero grade point average. How is that possible?" Her emotions couldn't hold it together anymore. They had when she prepped for the scene, even when she filmed it but now, now that the scene has been filmed she can't hold them back anymore.

Naya had always known that Heather was really invested in the storyline of Brittany but it wasn't until today that she truly understood how deep that feeling was for her character. It didn't really surprise the Latina as they had always been very fond of their characters. Trying to make them grow with the little things they said or did in the background. That was always them not the writers or directors, them. So she could understand why Heather was so heartbroken over this little ordeal.

"I don't know Heather," She answered honestly because the truth was she didn't know. She didn't know why the writers wrote Brittany the way they did. Why they chose to keep her in the same place for so long with no growth at all. Naya can honestly say that her character of Santana has grown since Season 1 but now that she thought about it, Brittany hasn't grown much.

Heather looked away and stared at the wall in front of her, "Now I have to go into the choir room and watch you sing the senior's song with the others while I sit on the chairs because Brittany isn't graduating. I'll be here next year by myself." A tear fell down her cheek at the thought of being in the choir room without Naya.

Naya reached out and rubbed the tear away, "Hey, you won't be by yourself Heather."

"Yes, I will. You will be filming in New York and I'll be here. No more moments in episodes where you and I are just having fun in the background, no more duets, and I'm sure they'll decide to write Brittany with a new person. I'll probably end up with Artie again. Don't get me wrong Kevin's awesome but I like filming with you." Heather sighed as the feelings of defeat intensified with each and every word she spoke. No sign of hope in her voice at all.

Naya was on the verge of crying with her but she had to keep strong for her friend. She had to keep it together because if she broke down then this would not be fixed at all. "I know you know that they are building the New York sets here so I know you know you'll still see me everywhere." Heather turned her head to look over at Naya. "You're right, we won't have those moments anymore where it's just you and me having fun in the background but I'm sure we'll have those again. And don't go saying that they are going to break-up Brittany and Santana because they wouldn't do that especially after all the heartache that Santana has gone through this year. They wouldn't do that and you know it."


Naya placed her finger upon Heather's lips, "No, and even if they did the Brittana fans would not let that happen anyway. I wouldn't let it happen. I fought too hard to get this storyline on a more serious level. There is no way I would let the writers throw it away because Santana is in New York and Brittany is in Lima. Do you understand? We'll still be together no matter what. I promise."

"Do you really think they'll keep our characters together?" Heather asked still unsure of how it will work.

Naya nodded, "Yes, I do. Pretty much every single couple will be long distance after the finale. So unless they are going to break-up everyone, I don't see them breaking up Brittany and Santana." She hoped that was enough to get Heather to stop the waterworks.

It seemed to help because she grabbed a tissue to blow her nose instead of crying some more. Naya pulled off the sweater she was wearing and handed it to Heather, "Here, why don't you wear this for the scene?"

Heather looked at it curiously, "Why?"

Naya shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know. Why do we do anything on this show? We do it to connect with our fans. Even though they may not know that I actually am the one that gave it to you, at least they can wonder 'what if'. Besides, you know as well as I do that the choir room can get cold if you aren't jumping around and since Brittany isn't really involved in this number, you might get cold. So will you where it?" She pouted, her bottom lip sticking out to add extra effect.

Heather rolled her eyes at how adorable Naya was acting in front of her, "Fine, I will. I'll wear it just for you." She leaned over and kissed Naya on the lips as a thank you. It was sweet and gentle. It wasn't filled with much emotion but they could both still feel it like it was really there.

Naya pulled back and looked her in the eyes. They always kiss but somehow this time, this one felt different then the other ones. It felt like there was more emotion in it than usual. Maybe she was just imagining it but something told her she wasn't.

The Latina shrugged off the feeling, "Besides, now I know I won't lose it." Her smiled gleamed in the light as she chuckled a little.

"Of course, that's why you gave it to me. You lose too much stuff Naya. You should get a tracker or something." Heather put the black sweater on just as she was told before she looked back at Naya, "Thank you Naya. You really know how to make me feel better."

Naya couldn't help the smile that grazed her lips after the laughter she just endured, "Always. You're my best friend. I could never just let you fall apart. That wouldn't be who I am especially when it comes to you." She put that last part in there to see what kind of response she would get from Heather. The response she gained was the kind of response she was expecting.

It was one of love. Whether either of them really realized it, they were in love. Not the best friend kind of love either, this was the real deal. They hid their feelings behind their characters, claiming that what they were feeling wasn't between them but between their characters. This kind of love is one that shouldn't be hid but it was and neither of them knew if it was ever going to come to the surface. Maybe someday it will but for now, they were just really good friends that enjoyed kissing each other.

Heather smiled at Naya's implication knowing exactly what she was doing. The blonde tried and failed at trying to show that she didn't love her best friend as more than that. "So, should we go? I'm sure they're going to be sending the search dogs to come and find us soon."

Naya nodded, "Yeah, I guess you're probably right." She said not being able to avert her eyes from the delicious pink lips in front of her.

"Naya if you keep staring we're never going to get out of here." Heather couldn't help but notice the room getting a little warmer from her best friend's eyes on her.

It was like someone broke Naya from a trance, she practically jumped in her seat as she looked away from Heather, "Right, we should—we should go." She stood up from the couch and stuck out her hand for Heather to grab it.

Without hesitation Heather took Naya's awaiting hand and intertwined their fingers together before they walked out of Heather's trailer and to the choir room where they would be filming. Both of them were aware of what just happened in the trailer but neither of them were about to acknowledge what just happened. They would just deal with the fact that they loved each other as best friends, nothing more.

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