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Accepting Love (Prologue/?)

Title: Accepting Love

Rating: NC-17 (for later chapters)

Pairings/characters: Heather/Naya, other cast members

Disclaimer: I don't own these actresses/actors; this is purely a work of fiction.

Summary: Over the years, Heather and Naya developed feelings for each other but have no idea how to deal with them. Will spending a few weeks at Cory's cabin with everybody change that or will they go back to hiding behind their characters in Season 4?

Story Details: This is a sequel to my HeYa fic called "We'll Still Be Together". Originally I was just going to continue it right on that fic but I decided it would be easier to just start a whole new one. I would highly suggest you read that fic before moving onto this one.

As previously stated in all my Heather/Naya fics, neither of them have boyfriends. I refuse to write a fic where they have to cheat on their boyfriends to be with each other.

Author's Note: This chapter has a LOT of backstory. I'm sorry about that but I felt that to fully understand where I am coming from with this fic, you needed to know this. There is some interaction between Heather and Naya but not much. Keep in mind though, this story is going to be more based around Heather/Naya than the other characters so you can expect that there will be a lot of future interaction with them. I may also write some memories too.

I don't have a beta so all mistakes are mine.

I Hope you enjoy. :)


Love, it's an interesting feeling to say the least. There are so many different types as well. There is the love that a parent feels for their child and vice versa, the feeling two friends feel for each other and there's also a rare type, one that not too many people in this world get to experience. However two people experienced that very feeling about three years ago. It's called love at first sight. A feeling that two people share the moment they meet. Some notice it and take advantage of it whereas others don't know how to deal with it. These people will tend to ignore the feeling or hide it.

Heather Morris and Naya Rivera experienced this very feeling about three years ago. The moment they met, everything just fell into place. It was like watching one of those movies where you just know that two characters are going to end up together and when they do, your heart melts. It was instant, there was no doubt no wonder, they just knew, but the problem was that they were the same gender. Neither of them had a problem with this aspect but it was different. They had never felt this way toward someone of the same sex so they did what any sane person would do... They hid it.

They hid it from the world and not just the world but each other and everyone around them. There was no way that they were going to express this very feeling of love for each other especially when the world could be so harsh. It was easier for them to just pretend like those feelings didn't exist, that it was a figment of their imagination. That what they felt for each other was normal. Nothing more than best friend love. But they both knew this was a lie, they both knew that there was something more between them.

With each passing day, week, month and year their friendship grew, their love became more and more. First they wanted to be with each other all the time. They always thought it was normal for two friends to want to spend time together so they didn't question it especially since their other cast mates hung out all the time too. Then the hugging started, they found themselves hugging whenever they left each other and whenever they first saw each other. Again, they never thought anything of this because both Heather and Naya found themselves hugging their cast mates as well. One day the director came to them and told them they should pinky hold in a scene to hint at a relationship between Brittany and Santana, so they did that for that one single scene. From then on they found themselves putting it into any scenes they could find whether the cameras could see it or not. It was just so them, and they wanted to embrace it. They didn't question the need to do this because they were acting, that's what you do when you act. You take things you like and put it into scenes and being that in Glee people often improvised, they didn't see a problem with doing the pinky hold, or holding hands or cuddling. Their characters were supposedly fooling around so obviously things like this would be okay for them to do.

As their characters became more noticeable and the Brittana relationship became more and more popular among the fans, their love for each other grew without them really realizing it. They found themselves going on vacations together, hanging out at the beach, spending time at each other's houses on a regular basis, going to movies, practically on the verge of dating but because they wouldn't accept that there was more to their relationship then meets the eye they never fully embraced it. The love was there but they wouldn't accept it.

Then came that horrific scene they had to film, the one in 'Sexy' when Santana admitted her feelings for Brittany only to be rejected. Naya had been pushing for the writers to make Brittana a more serious topic and not just joke with it and finally when her dream came true, this was what happened. For whatever reason, this scene was really hard for her to do too because it felt like there was more real emotion in it than just acting.

"Still I have to accept, that I love you... Please say you love me back," Naya couldn't hold back the emotion in that scene. Her voice cracked at every word as tears fell down her cheeks. She tried so desperately to represent every girl out there that has had to go through this in their life but a part of her felt like there was more to it than just that. Maybe a part of her wasn't just acting. Almost like she wasn't playing Santana and talking to Brittany, she was being herself and speaking to Heather.

After the scene had ended and Heather comforted her like she always did when either of them had to deal with a hard scene, she started to realize maybe there was more to it than she thought. Maybe she did like her best friend as more than a friend.

Unbeknownst to Naya, Heather was feeling the same way about this scene. The whole time there was a part of her that just wanted to say 'screw it' to the lines so that Brittany and Santana could be together now. She needed an outlet for these feelings that she'd been feeling for her best friend and the hugging, pinky holding and cuddling that they'd been doing with their characters in the background wasn't cutting it anymore. She wanted more. She wanted their characters to be together so that she could do what she does with Kevin with Naya and be able to kiss her.

For those next so many episodes both of them went into some serious withdrawal because their characters were mad at each so they barely spoke and they had to act angry around each other. It was so hard for the both of them. They wanted to just drop it so that their characters could be together but they couldn't just go above their director's heads.

Naya was especially pissed when the writers wrote Santana with Karofsky for Prom. She worked so hard to get a serious Brittana storyline and this was what happened. First Brittany rejected Santana and now Santana had to pretend she liked Karofsky in front of Brittany. It was all too difficult for her. She missed being with her best friend all the time in scenes.

One day, while shooting the season two finale 'New York', the unexpected happened between the two of them and shockingly enough neither of them had an issue with it. They were filming the final scene between Brittany and Santana in front of the lockers and after they hugged, they had pulled back and with all the emotion they were feeling, without thinking they both leaned in and their lips touched. It was only for a moment because the director immediately called cut and went on about how they weren't supposed to kiss, that it wasn't in the script. But for that one second of bliss, Naya's world came to life. This was what she had always wanted, to kiss Heather. Until now, she didn't know how badly she had wanted it either.

Heather on the other hand liked it so much that she was already plotting ways to do it again. She was thinking of ways to do it in scenes and even times when it's just them. Heather just wanted to be able to kiss Naya again because even in that split second of a kiss she felt like she was home. Somehow, someway she was going to find a way to kiss her friend again.

Season three finally began and low and behold their characters were a couple. To say that both of them were excited about it was a serious understatement. They had spent the entire summer together, kissing here and there like it was nothing and now being that they were back to Glee, they figured their characters would be kissing a lot. However they were sorely disappointed whenever they got a new script and there was no kiss. They did however kiss a few times in other episodes just because they could but from watching the episodes each week they learned quite quickly that their kisses were getting cut out.

That was until the Valentine's Day episode. It clearly had that they kissed a few times in the episode. These two were so happy that their characters were finally going to kiss and they knew the fans were going to go crazy about it so they knew they had to make it good. It was Heather who decided last minute to deepen the kiss by wrapping her arms around Naya. Naya didn't complain because she had that extra few seconds to kiss the girl of her dreams.

This one kissed changed everything between them. It put everything into perspective. Both of them knew for sure they had feelings for each other, more than friend type feelings. It definitely became clear because they had to do this kiss a few times because they were purposely screwing it up. However even though it put things in perspective neither of them could come to terms with it.

The thing they were afraid of was the rejection aspect. What if it only went one way or what if they were just imagining the feelings between them? They haven't admitted their feelings to each other this whole time because they were scared of the outcome. They didn't want to lose a best friend in the process. So they would rather hide behind their characters feelings than deal with their own. It may seem hard but they liked it this way. There was no chance for hurt if they just left them alone. However as each day passed, it seemed to be getting more and more difficult distinguishing what was them and what was the characters. It was all becoming one for them.


Fast forward to the season three finale, they had completed filming the episode. They had their wrap party which was extravagant as usual and always fun. Naya sat around with her friends and just reminisced on the last three years and how some of them may never see the inside of the choir room again. It was fun while it lasted. Next year was going to be really different being away from the people she usually saw every single day. Granted she would still see them because the crews were building the New York sets in Los Angeles but she wouldn't be in a whole lot of scenes with them anymore and that bummed her out. There was a lot of crying at this party just like there had been every single day of filming the finale. They were all coming back which was nice but it was still so sad.

Heather was equally sad because she wouldn't see her best friend as much anymore. They won't be able to cuddle in the background or hold hands anymore. Unless for some fluke of a chance Santana came to McKinley for some reason so then maybe she would be able to do that again but there was a high chance that it wasn't going to happen. That she would have to wait until season five to do that again.

Heather and Naya were currently sitting on the couch in Heather and Ashley's apartment watching a movie. They were all cuddled up in each other's arms just enjoying the closeness and relishing in the scent of each other knowing that in a few months they wouldn't be spending as much time together.

The movie ended about an hour later and Heather heard a sniffle. She usually heard this when the end of a movie was sad but it wasn't too bad this time. Mulan got Shang in the end and everyone lived happily ever after. "Awe... Are you tearing up to the fact that everyone lived happily ever after?" She pouted sticking out her bottom lip waiting for Naya to look up and see this.

Naya lifted her head up from its resting place on Heather's chest and couldn't help but smile at Heather pouting. "You're too cute." She couldn't help but be flirty, it was in her nature. "And yes, I am. That was a beautiful ending. I've seen this movie several times but the ending still gets me every time." In more ways than one, Naya thought to herself thinking about how she wished that could be her and Heather. She wanted the girl she was lying on so bad but she didn't know how to tell her. She didn't want to accept it because of the consequences she could get from it.

"So are you as excited about going up to Canada and spending a few weeks in Cory's cabin near the lake, as I am?" Heather asked her smile gleaming in the dimmed light of the room.

Naya nodded, "Of course I am. I get to spend a bunch of time with all the people I really care about. It should be a blast." She snuggled her head back into Heather's chest as her head was feeling heavy from holding it up for so long. With her arms wrapped around Heather she didn't have much strength holding it up with her neck muscles.

"Well, since you decided to sleep here tonight because my house is closer to the airport than yours, I think we should probably get some rest. We have to be up super early for that flight." Heather nudged Naya as she felt the brunette getting rather comfortable in her position.

"Five more minutes," she mumbled.

Heather chuckled, "If we stay here for five more minutes, you my dear are going to be asleep and then I am going to have to carry you up to bed." Something occurred to the blonde after she said this, "Unless that's what you want." She could feel Naya smile against her chest. "I'm right aren't I? You are terrible." She smacked Naya on the butt.

Naya looked back up at Heather, "Hey, careful. I need that butt for sitting on that long flight tomorrow." She couldn't help but smile from that ridiculous thing she just said. "If you want me to get off you though, you need to sit up a bit because my arms are trapped under you." She grinned.

Heather did as told so that Naya could get her hands out from under her. "There, better now?" She asked noticing Naya stretching out her hands as though they fell asleep.

"Yup, they're a little numb from being stuck under you for that entire movie but I'm good. Now come on," She looked up at the clock. "It's like midnight and we need to be up in like five hours." Her shoulders fell in the realization of the amount of sleep she was going to get. "Ugh... only five hours of sleep... I thought we were supposed to be on vacation mode." Naya pouted giving Heather her best puppy dog eyes.

"Oh stop," She swatted Naya on the shoulder. "You can sleep on the plane, you goof."

"But but but..." Using her impersonation of a child always worked on Heather.

Heather shook her head, "Nope. You're not going to get me this time. Do you really want to sit here and discuss the fact that you want more sleep when you are wasting the time you are actually only going to get?"

Naya's eyes went wide, "You're so right. We need to go now. Hurry it up HeMo, let's go!" She said sounding rather hurried as she grabbed Heather's hand and dragged her up the stairs.

During the wrap party, the cast decided they wanted to spend a few weeks together before going their separate ways over the summer before season four began and Cory thought of his cabin up in British Columbia, Canada. It was settled along a beautiful lake. So a bunch of them decided that was what they wanted to do to just hang out and have fun. Cory, Lea, Dianna, Chris, Naya, Heather, Kevin, Jenna, Harry, Amber, Chord, Vanessa, and Mark were all going, Darren couldn't make it as he was off spending time with his family in San Francisco.

Chapter 1 - The Fire Pit

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