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Accepting Love (1/?)

Author's Note: Since I am not from British Columbia, I have no knowledge of lakes there so instead of searching for a lake and hoping to describe it right, I have just made one up. Maybe there is a lake in BC that is like the one in here but for this fanfic, I am purely running off of imagination.

This chapter is over 6,000 words.

I don't have a beta, so all mistakes are mine.

Italics are thought.


Chapter 1 – The Fire Pit

The next day went, for the most part, smooth for most of them even though getting up early on one of their first days off in months was quite difficult. However the reward of getting to spend a couple of weeks at Cory's cabin was well worth it to get up early. The ability to be able to just lounge around and relax was what was keeping them going so that they could get onto a plane and fly for several hours. They were in first class so that helped with the fact that the flight was so long but still, it's a lot of sitting.

Right now they were on their connecting flight to Vancouver, British Columbia and they were already in the descent to the city. It wouldn't be long now before they would be able to begin the relaxing, even though it was almost nine PM.

"Hey guys, I have a fun idea," Chord exclaimed looking around at his fellow cast mates. He waited for them to look and then continued on. "We should try and trick the fans when we get to Vancouver."

Kevin looked at him confused, "What are you talking about?"

"We could try and look very unlike ourselves and see if we can get through that airport without being spotted as the Glee Cast. What do you think?" Chord's eyes went wide completely stoked about his idea.

"I love it," Heather exclaimed joining in with Chord's excitement. "We could trade sunglasses with each other and where baggy sweaters. We could totally make it work." She leaned over in her chair to high five Chord.

Lea, who had been playing on her phone chimed into the conversation, "There is a good chance that that won't work. The fans always seem to know where we are." She said staring at her phone intent on beating the level she was on. Eventually she looked up feeling like someone was staring, "What?" She said as everyone stared at her.

"Why would you say that? Did you post it somewhere, like you often do?" Kevin narrowed in on Lea knowing that she had a tendency to do things like that.

Lea looked shocked, "I would never do that."

Now it was Naya's turn to add to this conversation, "Yes you have."

"When?" Lea challenged Naya's words.

"Most recently, at the Glee Academy Event, we didn't even know yet if the entire cast was picked up for another season yet and you were telling the interviewer that you and Ryan were talking about what's coming up with Rachel in Season 4." Naya smirked knowing she had just won that battle.

Lea huffed, "Fine, I do do that sometimes but I didn't do it this time. All I put on Twitter was that I was going on vacation with the Glee Cast. There was no mention of where. Besides I'm not the only one that put something on Twitter." She looked straight at Naya.

"Hey, don't look at me. All I put was that I was going on vacation. Nothing more." Naya defended herself.

"So, are we going to do it?" Vanessa asked sounding as excited as both Chord and Heather. "I agree with Heather and Chord, it could be really fun."

Dianna shook her head at the craziness on this plane. "There is no way it's going to work. The fans are too good at spotting us. I mean seriously, they can spot us from laughing."

"That's very true. Naya you most definitely wouldn't be able to laugh at all if this was going to work," Kevin added.

Naya looked shocked, "What? Why wouldn't I be able to laugh?"

"There are videos of your laugh on Youtube. Fans would be able to spot it like that," He snapped his fingers to add effect.

"You are such a troll," She glared at Kevin.

He shrugged his shoulders, "Hey, at least I am up to date on the going-ons of Glee fans."

Most of them just shook their heads at that comment. Kevin was such a nerd with the internet. Chris might be really good at spouting random facts about pointless stuff but Kevin really was the king of trolling. He was often the one that would come to the cast and show them funny things that fans had posted about them on sites like Tumblr.

The room went silent for a moment until Chord spoke up again, "So does that mean, we're not going to try and trick the fans?" Everyone except Heather and Vanessa glared at him. "Okay... Well maybe Heather, Vanessa and I will attempt it."

The three of them smiled and began plotting their idea of how to hide their appearances from the fans.

Once the plane landed and the process of getting all the passengers off the plane had begun, the cast did as they usually did and were the first ones to get off in hopes of missing the mass amount of people getting off with them. For the most part it did work; the only odd thing with their group was Chord, Heather and Vanessa. They looked like crazy people. They kind of looked like stalkers with their hoods over their heads and big sunglasses covering their eyes. Not to mention, Heather got right into it and even added a bit of a swag to her walk trying to look all gangster.

The rest of the crew tried to keep their distance from those three because of the attention they brought on themselves. Their idea actually quite backfired, instead of it keeping the attention away from them it actually brought it on them. Then again, no one could figure out who they were but they looked like bums.

Along the way to the vehicle rental, they picked up their luggage and signed some autographs and took some pictures but by the time they had gotten there, their two black SUV's were already signed out because those three crazy's beat the rest of them there.

Naya looked at Heather as they got into the very back of one of the SUV's, "You're insane, you know that." She still couldn't get over the fact that Heather had actually done all that so that she didn't have to interact with the fans.

Heather shrugged at the comment, "Probably, but you love it." She winked as she sat down in the middle in between Naya and Vanessa.

Naya couldn't help but smile.

Kevin looked back from the seats in front of the three girls, "Look at that, it's the Brittana family." He pulled out his phone to take a picture. Meanwhile Heather wrapped her arms around both Naya and Vanessa before Kevin snapped a picture of them. "That is going onto Twitter, right now."

"That will not top the present I gave to the fans not too long ago," Vanessa said all proud that she had come up with such a great idea for the Brittana fans.

Kevin mumbled her comment mocking her cheerfulness about the whole thing.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Vanessa asked trying to irk him more.

He turned and glared at her before turning back around and getting comfy in his seat.

Cory and Mark got in the front two seats as Chris jumped in next to Kevin and before they knew it they were off to the lake that Cory's cabin was at. Before they left the city they stopped at a grocery store and got a bunch of food to fill the fridge.


About an hour or so later they arrived at the cabin. It was beautiful, Cory wasn't kidding when he said his cabin was right off the lake. There were trees everywhere making it very secluded meaning that there was a less likely chance of paparazzi intruding on their vacation time. The lake was much larger than any of them had first thought. There were large hills a short distance from the cabin and around the lake. The cabin looked huge and it really had the cabin look to it with the logs lined up along each side of it. The deck that was attached to the cabin lead down to the dock that went out onto the lake, there was even a floating deck out in the middle of the lake.

Everyone was in so much awe at how beautiful the place was as they were exiting the vehicles. The feel of the light breeze against their skin and the smell of the pine needles made them feel like they were apart of nature. Being in a big city like Los Angeles where all they could see was buildings and pollution made this moment all the more enjoyable.

Before much time, they got their suitcases from the vehicles and headed into cabin so that they could get this vacation officially started.

Once inside Cory stopped to look at everyone, "Okay, so as big as my cabin may look, it only has 6 bedrooms and one master so everyone will have to double up and I'll take the master bedroom."

"Come on Naya," Heather grabbed Naya's hand and dragged her to the stairs. "We have to find the best one."

In the end the roommates ended up being: Naya and Heather, Lea and Dianna, Chris and Vanessa, Jenna and Amber, Kevin and Harry and, Mark and Chord.

When they all got settled in their rooms they made their way back out to the kitchen. When Cory noticed they had all appeared he spoke again, "Okay, so there is a TV in the family room, a games room in the back, a fireplace in the living room and obviously there is a kitchen as you can see. There are three bathrooms, two upstairs and one down here. I also have a hot tub outside on the patio, feel free to use it whenever. Um..." He thought for a moment about anything else. "If you feel like going up into the hills, I have two quads. There is also a boat in the boathouse and two Seadoo's."

"What is with the floating dock in the middle of the ocean?" Jenna asked.

"Oh, I put that out their last year. Some of my cousins were getting frustrated with tanning on the dock already there so my brother and I built that and put it out there. There is a ladder so if you wanted to swim out there and get onto it you can but if you say wanted to tan, one of us can always take you out there on the boat. That's what some of my cousins like to do." He thought for a moment. "I think that's it. Oh and I have a fire pit on the deck right out those doors," he pointed to the sliding doors behind him. "It's one of those metal ones on legs so it doesn't burn the deck but I think that's it." He nodded as if he was agreeing with himself.

"Anybody up for starting a fire tonight?" Mark suggested wanting to see this fire in action. "We could hang out on the deck for a couple of hours before we call it a night from our long trip."

Everyone nodded in agreement some said 'sure'. Mark and Cory made their way outside with Kevin, Chord and Harry in tow to help with the collecting of wood.

By this time it was already reaching close to eleven at night and it was already for the most part dark outside. Naya walked out on the deck with Vanessa, Heather, Lea and Dianna close by. The others had walked outside as well but went toward where the fire pit was.

"Wow, look at the stars," Naya was struck by the beauty of the shining lights up in the sky. In LA, it was very rare that they saw any stars because of the lights in the city but being out here in the wilderness, it was nice to finally see the stars. To see them sparkle in the dark sky.

"They look so beautiful," Dianna barely whispered out but because they were all so close to each other they all heard especially Heather.

Heather was standing next to Vanessa as everyone looked up at the sky. Even those that had gone to the fire pit were looking up at the sky. However, Heather was the only one not looking up at the sky. She couldn't take her eyes off of one Naya Rivera. The way the light of the moon and stars bounced off of her dark skin and her long hair blowing in the light breeze. She looked like a goddess even though she knew that Naya would disagree. She'd probably say that she looked like crap from the long flight but right now in this moment, Heather was love struck. All she wanted to do in this moment was walk up behind Naya and wrap her arms around the brunette's slender body. She probably could to and Naya wouldn't bat an eyelash over it because these are things that they do with each other all the time but something was stopping the blonde from doing it and she couldn't figure out what.

Meanwhile in Naya's mind she couldn't stop thinking about how the stars reminded her of Heather. So bright and bubbly, being here and looking at these stars she felt like she was home. She could just look up into the dark sky and see Heather because she was a star whether she would admit it or not. As she looked at the stars, she couldn't help but try and find a pack of them that looked like Heather kind of like when you're a kid looking at clouds. The more and more she looked, she couldn't find any that fit perfectly so she decided to settle on the thought of any star being the representation of the girl of her dreams.

The others except for Naya and Heather slowly made their way over to the fire pit.

Naya was pulled from her daze when she heard cursing from Mark trying to get the fire started. When she turned around she wasn't prepared for what she saw from her best friend. Heather was completely zoned out and not on the stars like she had just been but on her. What is she doing? Maybe I have something on my face. She thought to herself as she wiped at her face with the sleeve of her shirt hoping she got it but Heather continued to stare.

"Heather..." She waved her hand in front of her best friend's eyes.

This snapped Heather out of her trance in a jump. Clearly she wasn't prepared for a hand in front of her face.

"Whoa, it's just me," Naya defended. "What was going on in that head of yours? It seemed like you were on another planet."

If being lost in everything you, is being on another planet then that was where I was. Heather smiled to herself at her thought. "Sorry, I zoned out. Was I creeping you out?" She asked hoping that wasn't the case.

"Of course not," Naya brushed off that insane accusation. "Now come on, it sounds like Mark is having some issues getting the fire started." She looped her arm around Heather's as they walked toward the fire pit where everyone was.

Naya and Heather sat on comfy looking loveseat type of lawn furniture that was sitting on the deck. The rest were sitting on chairs or benches, Lea and Dianna were sitting on the other loveseat across from them on the other side of the fire pit.

Since Mark was having such an issue trying to get the fire started, Cory decided to try his hand at it. "Aha!" Cory exclaimed as he finally got the fire to start up after trying several times after Mark's failed attempts.

"Aren't you supposed to be a pro at this?" Amber asked confused as to why he had such a difficulty.

Cory looked over at Amber, "Hey, I haven't been here since last summer." Amber put up her hands in defense for the wrath of Cory. "Besides, the first one is always the hardest to start. From now on, it should be a breeze." At least for me, he said as he looked at Mark.

Mark just brushed it off, "Whatever, I'll get it next time."

Amber didn't respond after that afraid that he was going to bite off her head at her teasing him.

He waited a couple more minutes to make sure the fire was actually going to take and then got up and sat down on a bench next to Chord.

Once the fire was really going, they all just sat there in silence listening to the crackling of the fire. The orangey color of the fire was the only form of light but it was enough to make out each and every person sitting around the fire. This was something they never did much as a cast, they never just sat around in silence. Typically when they were together, they were a wall of sound. Someone was always talking about something but in this moment it was nice to just sit in silence.

At one point Mark got up from his chair next to Amber, "Well, I'm starving." He looked over at Cory, "Cory, where are your fire sticks used for cooking hot dogs over the fire?"

Cory jumped up from his seat, "Oh, I'll grab them from the shed. Why don't you go grab enough hot dogs for everyone?" He put the question out there for everyone.

No one declined the offer so Mark took that as a yes and went inside the house for the hot dogs they had bought earlier.

"I'm going to go help him," Amber had said knowing that there was no way Mark was going to be able to carry not only hot dogs but also buns and condiments.

Moments later, Cory came back from the shed with ten fire sticks. Not too long later Mark and Amber walked out of the house carrying everything needed for a hot dog and set it on the table that was out there on the deck.

Heather jumped up from her chair, "Would you like one too Naya?" She asked the brunette sitting next to her.

Naya nodded, "Sure. Thanks Hemo."

Heather walked over with most of the cast and grabbed what she needed for her and Naya's hot dogs and then headed back and grabbed a stick along the way back to Naya.

"Hey, you didn't get me one?" Naya pouted at Heather since Heather had only grabbed one stick and not two.

She nodded, "Sorry about that but because there aren't enough for everyone I figured we could just share." She looked at Naya hoping to convince her.

The light from the fire captured just the left side of Heather's face but it made her left eye sparkle in the orangey color. Naya had no control over her emotions in these types of situations. If it weren't for everyone around them right now, she might have lost her reserve about her feelings for the blonde.

Naya just nodded, "Yeah, sounds good." She watched Heather slide her own hot dog on the stick when an idea came to mind. "Hey, why don't you just put both of ours on there? We like our hot dogs for the most part the same so you could just cook them at the same time." She suggested.

Heather's eyes lit up even more, if that were possible, "That's a great idea. When did you get so smart?" She stated not really meant for it to be answered. Immediately she went to work at getting Naya's hot dog onto the stick.

Naya couldn't help the smile that grazed her features at how excited Heather got over her idea or the fact that Heather didn't even realize that she said a line from Glee, a line that Santana had said to Brittany last year.

"What's with you?" Heather asked noticing the change in Naya's mood as she moved the stick over the fire to cook their hot dogs.

"It's nothing, you just said a line from Glee is all," She continued to smile at Heather's thoughtfulness at her well-being.

"Did I?" She mulled over in her mind trying to remember what it was that she had just said. Naya could tell Heather had figured it out when, her face went from all scrunched up to smiling, "Oh... the part about being smart. That's right. You said that to me in the finale last year. That was such a cute scene." Heather couldn't help but think about the kiss that changed her world while filming that very scene. She then went back to focusing on the hot dogs making sure neither of them burned or lit on fire.

Dianna across from them couldn't help but smile at the adorableness that was Heather and Naya. She was pretty sure she wasn't the only one that could tell that these two definitely felt more than they were trying to convey to everyone.

Lea had decided to copy Heather's idea and put hers and Dianna's hot dogs onto one stick. Just as she was about to put it over the fire she noticed Dianna looking at the two across from them. "You're staring Di. If you don't stop, you're going to get caught." She pointed out to the blonde sitting next to her as she held her hot dogs over the fire.

"They are too lost in their own little world to know that I am staring at them," She whispered to Lea making sure no one else knew what she was doing. She didn't want to attract attention to Heather and Naya because then they may stop pushing the line of friendship.

"Doesn't make it right," She argued knowing she'd win.

Dianna sighed, "Fine, I'll stop."

"God damnit!" Mark exclaimed at the fact that his hot dog was on fire. He quickly pulled it from the fire and blew at it to put it out.

Everyone turned to look Mark trying to put out his hot dog.

"I told you that was going to happen," Chris said sitting next to Mark and his burnt hot dog. "You can't just stick it in the flames and think it's going to cook faster." He chuckled at the fact that he was right in this situation, which led to everyone else laughing at Mark's stupidity.

Mark dropped his shoulders in defeat as he pushed his black hot dog onto the bun. He was trying to come up with an excuse but decided that this was enough humiliation and just sat in silence as he loaded his hot dog with condiments to hopefully mask the fact that it's practically charcoal.

By this point Naya's and Heather's hot dogs were finished cooking and they were eating them.

Heather looked over at Naya and noticed some ketchup on the side of her mouth, "Hey, you've got some ketchup..." Without thinking about it she reached over and wiped the ketchup away with her thumb. "There, you're all good." She grinned at the look on Naya's face. She couldn't quite figure out what it was. Somewhere between shock and gratefulness for getting the ketchup she didn't know was there.

Naya smiled, "Thanks." She didn't know what else to say. These were things they did for each other all the time but this time it just felt so much more intimate somehow. She looked over to Lea and Dianna when she saw Lea smack Dianna on the shoulder.

"Ouch! You don't need to hit me." Dianna exclaimed not impressed with the action of her friend.

"Well that's what happens when you do exactly what I told you to stop," She mumbled so only Dianna would hear.

Dianna felt like strangling the girl sitting next to her but resisted because that wouldn't look very good on her resume.

"No, no, no..." Vanessa exclaimed as she watched her hot dog slipping off the stick. "Awe..." As it finally fell into the fire. "Dang it. Now I have to cook another one." She said defeated as she got up and grabbed another hot dog from the plate Mark had brought out earlier.

Mark looked at Vanessa not feeling so stupid now, "How did you manage that one?"

She sat back down her chair, "Well, I had thought it was on the stick far enough but clearly not." She nodded for extra effect before pushing her new hot dog farther onto the stick so it would stay on this time.

Mark couldn't help but laugh at that. His hot dog might have been burnt to a crisp but at least he could still eat it unlike Vanessa's which was burning in the fire.

After Jenna finished her hot dog, she got up from her chair, "Well, I think I'm going to go to bed. It's been a long day and I really could use some sleep." She made her way towards the entrance to the cabin.

"I think I'm going to join her," Harry said and everyone smirked at him. "Ugh... not like that guys. We're just friends."

"Sure..." Mark said without thinking about it. "If that's what you say."

"Actually, Dianna and I agree with those two. It's starting to get a little chilly out here so I think we're going to go to bed too." Lea said speaking for the both of them almost like they were a married couple. Dianna didn't seem to mind it either.

The cast had been wondering about those two because they'd been so close lately but they hadn't said anything about what their relationship actually was. Being that they don't judge each other, they just ignore the fact that they don't want to talk about it. No point in making a fuss about something that may or may not be something. That was one of the reasons no one had really confronted Naya and Heather either because those two act more like a couple then even Lea and Dianna but they too hadn't said anything.

As those cast members went inside, it turned out that the idea of wanting to go inside was sticking into most of their minds as someone else kept getting up and going inside. At one point the food went inside too until only a few people were left outside. It was now closer to one in the morning and only Naya, Heather, Kevin and Mark were still outside.

Mark got up and tossed in a few more logs into the fire to keep it going as it was dying out. Kevin was practically dozing off in his chair but wanted to stay out longer.

"Dude, why don't you just go to sleep? Soon you're going to be asleep and there is no way I am going to carry you in." Mark said noticing that Kevin's head was constantly bobbing up and down. He'd almost fall asleep then his head would shoot back up and then slowly it would fall down. "Just go to bed."

Kevin stretched out his arms as he yawned, "Maybe you have a point." Without much more hassle he got up from where he was sitting and headed inside. A moment or two later he came back out.

"Go to sleep Kev-" Mark began to say before he noticed why he had come back outside.

Kevin walked over to Heather and Naya and handed them a blanket, "It looked like you two were getting cold and since you don't seem to want to go inside anytime soon, I figured I'd bring you out a blanket." He smiled at his good deed.

Naya smiled, "Thanks Bee." She unfolded the blanket and wrapped it around both her and Heather so they could stop the shivering.

With that Kevin finally left the three of them and went inside.

Since they now had a blanket to warm up in, Naya was feeling more and more comfortable being lovey-dovey with Heather especially since the only other person outside was Mark. He may be her ex-boyfriend but it didn't bother her one bit. Naya leaned her head down onto Heather's right shoulder as she wrapped her arms around the blonde to feel even closer. Heather instinctively wrapped her right at arm around Naya pulling her in just as close. Kevin was right it was definitely a bit cold outside and they wanted to stay as warm as possible.

After some time, Mark began to feel like a third wheel. He felt like he was intruding on a date and he was the awkward ex that was hanging around. For a while now he had always suspected that something could be going on with Naya and Heather but he didn't want to ask Naya about it just in case he was wrong. However in this very moment, he was leaning more to the fact that he was definitely right. The way they were holding each other and the way that they looked so calm in each other's embrace, it sure looked like more than just two friends hanging out.

He noticed the fire dying out again, "Um, well I'm going to go inside. Would you two like me to put another log or two on the fire to keep it going?"

Heather looked over at Mark, "Sure, sounds good. We'll probably be out here for a little longer. It's nice out here even though it is a little cold."

He did as he was told and put two more logs onto the fire, "Well just make sure you put it out before you come inside. Don't want to wake up to the cabin burning down." He smirked at the last comment trying to look all tough but actually freaking out inside because he would not be able to deal with that.

Heather nodded, "Okay, we'll make sure it's out." With that he left the two of them to just sit in front of the fire.

They had a lot of moments like this in the last three years of knowing each other. Just being together all alone with no one around. It was nice. They didn't have to worry about other people looking at them weird because they acted a certain way around each other, they could just be them. Just two friends in love with each other without the other actually knowing the truth.

Naya all of a sudden yawned out of nowhere as she held onto the woman of her dreams. She was definitely tired, she wanted to go inside and go to sleep but she really just wanted to spend time with Heather out there alone. It was nice.

"You know, you can go to sleep if you wanted Naya. I can sit out here alone." She urged the brunette. "I really wouldn't mind."

Naya shook her head, "No, I want to stay out here with you."

Heather turned her head to face Naya, "Weren't you the one complaining last night because you weren't going to get enough sleep?" Naya couldn't help but smile at that little fact. "And now you're perfectly fine staying up really late so you don't get your beauty sleep."

Naya looked up into Heather's eyes, "Yes, well the difference between last night and tonight is that tomorrow, I don't have to get up early. I can sleep in." She paused for a moment deciding if she should push the line of friendship. In the end she decided to go for it, "We can sleep in." She didn't even try to hide the fact that she was flirting.

"Oh really, you think that we should sleep in," Heather grinned playing along with this little game of Naya's.

She nodded, "Yes I do."

"But what about the sun, we could get some tanning in tomorrow morning. It could be fun. You, me, in hot bathing suits tanning on the floating dock out in the lake." Heather could see the wheels turning in Naya's head from the look on her face.

Naya couldn't help but bite her bottom lip at the thought of Heather in a two piece bathing suit; I wonder which ones she brought. "True but we could always do that in the afternoon, why does it have to be in the morning?" She tried to reel in Heather to her idea.

"Well because... the sun isn't too hot in the morning. There is a lesser chance of getting burned." Heather pointed out.

Naya rolled her eyes, "What? That's a lie, there is always a chance of getting burned no matter what time of day it is. So what are you going to do then? Sleep in with me," She licked her lips unconsciously, "Or get up early and tan?"

"I don't know yet, I guess it'll depend on when I get up tomorrow."

The thought of not knowing which it was going to be killed Naya. "Well seeing as I've probably lost this battle, at least I have you right now."

"Yes, you most certainly do." Heather couldn't help the grin on her face as she leaned in to capture Naya's lips with her own.

It felt so good to kiss Naya. Her juicy red lips against her own were so irresistible. The fact that Heather was able to pull away was always amazing. If she could and it didn't look odd, she wouldn't stop kissing her but Heather didn't want people to figure out that she was head over heels in love with Naya.

Naya didn't mind the kiss. In fact she had been hoping for it, thus the flirting. She knew that if she could get Heather to play her game that it would eventually lead to a kiss. It always did. Naya lifted her right hand from around Heather's waist and couldn't help but run her fingers along the blonde's jaw line and then around her neck. She felt so at home when they kissed. Like this was meant to be, they were meant to kiss each other.

Heather felt Naya's hand and couldn't help but lift her left hand and run it up Naya's arm that was connected to the hand on the blonde's neck. She could feel goose bumps appear on Naya's arm as she touched her. Heather's hand ran over her shoulder and onto her back. She wanted to feel more of her. If they weren't outside and we actually in their bedroom, she might have lost her reserve on her feelings and just came out with them right here and now but she still wasn't sure how Naya would take it. They kissed all the time, what if all of this was just Naya's way of being friends. She didn't want to lose this. She didn't want to lose any of it. It was better for her to just deal with these feelings like this than to actually come forward with them and possibly rejected.

Reluctantly, Naya pulled back not wanting to push any boundaries that could be pushed from that intense kiss she just experienced. Her hand that was around Heather's neck slid back down to around her waist and she couldn't help but run her tongue along her lips.

Heather watched Naya's tongue graze along her luscious lips and had to seriously restrain herself from re-capturing them again. She hadn't moved her hands from their place on her back but because they were cuddling, Naya didn't seem to notice much because she didn't say anything about it to Heather. They looked back into the fire fully embracing this moment and enjoying every second of it together.

It wasn't long before the fire was dying again to the point of almost going out, "Should we go inside?" Heather asked not wanting to just assume they were going to stay outside longer.

She received no answer.

Heather manoeuvred herself so she could look at Naya's face, "Naya?" When she finally could see Naya's face after she moved some dark locks from her beautiful face she found that Naya was completely asleep. Heather couldn't help the smile that appeared on her face. Naya looked so peaceful.

Well I guess this answers my question. She thought as she slowly got up not wanting to disturb the sleeping beauty lying on her. By using the blanket as a pillow she lied Naya down on it so she could fully distinguish the fire. Once it was out she went back to Naya and gently lifted her up in her arms careful not to disturb her and make sure she wasn't going to trip on the blanket wrapped around her.

As she was heading to the door, "Wha-what...are.. you...?" Naya mumbled in her sleepy state not making any sense whatsoever.

Heather didn't get any of that but assumed she asked 'what she was doing' and responded with, "I'm carrying you to bed." She said as she opened and closed the screen door with Naya in her hands. It was quite difficult but she got it in the end.

Naya wrapped her arms around Heather's neck, "Sleep... is good."

Heather just smiled at the fact that sleepy Naya was always funny. She was always spouting nonsense. She didn't want to respond because she didn't want to wake her up so she just continued to listen to Naya go on about sleep while she made her way toward their bedroom upstairs. Why did we choose one upstairs? Heather cursed herself as she realized she was the one that chose to go upstairs instead of stay on the main level. This would be so much easier if we were on ground floor.

Not too long later, they found themselves finally in their bedroom. Naya did partially wake up enough so she could get her pajama's on but once she was back in bed she was out like a light. Heather got into bed sometime after Naya was completely asleep so she just wrapped her arms around the brunette before she too fell asleep.

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    Hey everybody, I know it's been a while since I updated this fic. I'm trying to get back into writing this fic more frequently but when my…

  • Accepting Love (3/?)

    Hey everyone, I have a new chapter for all of you. It's almost 6,000 words long. It has a bunch of Heya in it that I think you guys will definitely…

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