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Accepting Love (2/?)

Author's Note: This one is a bit shorter than the last one but it's still quite good.

I have a bit of a game for you guys, there is a line from Glee in this chapter, I'm curious to see how many of you can find it, figure out which character said it and what episode it's in.

I don't have a beta so all mistakes are mine.

Thoughts are in italic.

I Hope you all enjoy this one. It is for the most part ALL NAYA.


Chapter 2 – What a Splash

Naya rolled over in bed and was met with two blue eyes gazing down at her, "Whoa," she jumped. "How long have you been watching me sleep?" Naya asked rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"I don't know, a few minutes," Heather responded propped up on her left arm so she was looking down at Naya. "I couldn't wake you, you looked too cute." Her lips moved up into a smile slowly without showing teeth.

Naya's eyebrows scrunched up, "That's creepy." She couldn't help but to joke with Heather. It was one of her favorite things to do.

"No it's not, it's adorable. You're just jealous that I beat you to it," She grinned knowing she was right.

Heather was right. I would have loved to just watch her sleep. Her flowing blonde hair cascaded on the pillow and the small smile that usually sat on her lips when she was dreaming. Naya thought to herself as she looked up at Heather. "Maybe, I'm a little jealous." She couldn't help the smile that grazed her features.

The woman looking down at her was so beautiful even in the morning. Naya couldn't help but be at awe around her. She was so flawless with so little effort. Her blonde hair was all over the place and she had no make-up on yet she was the most beautiful woman Naya had ever seen. It wasn't difficult for her to figure out why she loved her best friend. Add to the fact that she was completely mesmerized by Heather's dance moves, she could get lost in those movements for hours. Her personality was what won her over most though, just the way she was and the fact that she was quite funny. Her humor was always spot on and at the most random of times. Naya knew for sure, one hundred percent that she was completely, whole heartedly in love with one Heather Morris.

"Hey, where'd you go?" Heather asked noticing that Naya was all quiet and looked to be in deep thought.

"I love you," She blurted not realizing that was out loud until her eyes went wide because Heather's facial features changed.

Without thought, without question, Heather dipped her head and connected her lips with Naya's. Their lips melded together like they always had in the past. Naya's hands went to Heather's back briefly touching pale skin as the blonde's shirt had ridden up from sleep.

Suddenly Naya pulled away from Heather abruptly, "Wait, wait, did you hear what I said?" Naya asked scared of the answer Heather was going to say.

Heather grinned, "Of course I did…" She looked lovingly at Naya more than ever had in the past, "I love you too."

Naya couldn't help the grin on her face and re-connected their lips because she was most definitely not going to let Heather go so easily after admitting their love for each other. They were going to spend all day in bed together getting used to this new relationship they were now going to be in. She wanted to be on top so she used her force to roll Heather but she went a little too far in her force and…


She fell off the bed and landed on the ground on her stomach. "Ouch!" She said in agony of hitting the ground so hard. "That was not cool. I profess my love and this is what happens. I bet you loved that didn't you, Heather?" Her voice almost echoed in the room. There was no laughing like she would have usually gotten from Heather. That's odd, she thought.

Getting up on her knees to look on the bed she noticed that Heather wasn't there. At first she was very confused, it didn't make sense. She was just making out with Heather, where did she go and then it hit her as to where she was.

"Oh my god, it was a dream," She fell back in a huff onto the floor on her back in realization of the situation. Everything that just happened didn't actually happen. "Ugh…" She stared up at the ceiling hoping that this feeling of lust would go away because she couldn't just drag Heather away and have her way with the blonde to get rid of it. They didn't do that. All they did was kiss, nothing more.

The ceiling was really quite boring. It was wood which was expected being that they were in a cabin but it wasn't very exciting. It was all one color. The whole boringness of it was actually helping because she began to think about the ceiling instead of Heather's lips or the heat that began to pool between her legs. Then she began to notice the hardness of the floor. It most certainly wasn't soft.

Eventually she sat up feeling a little better and decided that she should just get up because there was no way she was going to try and sleep again. If that dream came back to her, she may never get rid of her frustration again and would have to do something about it somehow. She didn't really feel like trying to accomplish that task with a cabin that could potentially be filled with twelve other people. Getting up was the better solution.

So she put on her glasses and head downstairs for some breakfast. Her hair was a complete mess but she didn't care. These people had seen her looking worse; there was no way they would care now.

Once downstairs, she could make out people outside as she could hear some yelling. Clearly they were having fun out on the water without her. Who was out there? She didn't know but probably most of them as she looked at the microwave clock that said it was almost noon. After much consideration, she decided to go with a bowl of cereal. Easy to make and would make for easy clean-up. Just the way she liked it.

Sitting down at the table she poured herself a bowl of the cereal that Heather had picked out, Reese's Puffs. It had the best ratio of chocolate to peanut butter and Naya couldn't help but like it. Add to the fact Heather had picked it, made it that much better. She was several spoonfuls into her cereal while reading the back of the box as most of the guys came in laughing about something.

Kevin noticed Naya sitting at the table and said, "We should totally do it. They'll never know what hit them."

They all crowded around the island as Cory and Mark grabbed water bottles from inside the fridge for each of them including Kevin, Harry and Chord.

Naya felt a little lost but figured that it was just guy stuff so she just ignored them and continued reading the facts on the back of the box.

"Yes they will, we've been splashing them every time one of us takes one of them out there on the boat." Harry said clearly making a lot of sense to the others. "If any one of us goes out there on a sea doo they will know. They'll get all defensive by putting their books and magazines away and getting their towels. You know I'm right." He continued to make a good point about the situation they were discussing.

What are they talking about? Naya thought to herself.

"Then what are we going to do?" Chord asked hoping one of them would have an answer. He stood there and pondered on a solution to their dilemma. They wanted to splash all the girls at once but without them realizing it.

As Naya just finished her bowl of cereal, she walked over to the sink to wash her dishes and put them in the dishwasher and couldn't help but ask, "What is going on with you guys?" She had to know what was going on. It seemed like they had something planned and she wanted in on it. After being sexually frustrated from her dream, getting in the water sounded like a great way to cool off.

"Nothing," Kevin got all defensive which was odd especially since it seemed like he spoke up when he came into the house because Naya was there.

"Tell me," She almost demanded.

They all looked between each other and most of them just shrugged then Mark spoke up, "We want to splash the girls out on the floating dock but we've splashed them quite a bit already and so if one of us went out there they would know we would do something. I mean it'd still be funny but expected. So we're trying to figure out another way." He said sounding defeated.

Naya thought for a moment seeing the problem in their idea. Then she got an idea, "Why don't you guys let me do it then? If I go out there on the…" She was looking for the word of the machine.

"Sea doo," Mark added.

"Yes sea doo, they won't expect that I would splash them. I'd almost be invisible. What do you think?" Naya said rather excited. All she could think about was getting Heather wet in more ways than one. At least this way she could wear something sexy and splash her. It's a win-win situation.

Chord scrunched up his face, "I'm not sure that will work. I mean do you even know how to drive one of them?"

Naya shrugged her shoulders, "No, but how hard could it be? I watched my brother and cousins drive them on our many houseboat trips we did during the summer when I was younger. It can't be that hard." She was really determined to do this.

Mark looked at Chord, "I think she could do it. She's a quick learner."

There was something about the way Mark looked at Chord that Naya couldn't quite understand but she just ignored. It almost looked like he was trying to convince him of something and not just what he was saying. Like maybe there was an ulterior motive there. It didn't really matter to her though, she was going to get what she wanted and that was all that mattered.

"Okay fine," Chord finally gave in clearly getting whatever it was that Mark was trying to convince him of. "You can do it but you have to practice first. Once you think you've figured it out then you can go for it."

"Yes!" She jumped up and down excited. Once she slowed down she asked, "So how long have they been out there anyway?"

"Lea and Dianna have been out there the longest. They've gotten plenty wet," Cory smiled at the fact that they keep getting those two wet. "Jenna, Amber and Vanessa joined about an hour or so ago and I just took Heather out-"

Mark hit Cory on the shoulder stopping him mid sentence.

"Ouch, what was that for?" He looked at Mark pissed.

Mark eyed him before changing the conversation, "Yeah, so all of them are out there, so how long will it take you to get ready?" For some reason he didn't want to talk about who was out there.

Naya just looked between the guys, "You guys are acting really strange, even more so than usual. I should take like fifteen to twenty minutes to get ready." With that she left the five guys standing there in silence.

As she made her way up stairs she bumped into a very tired Chris walking down the hallway, "Afternoon Chris," She said rather cheery.

"Ahhh…. Too loud for the morning," He put up his hands in defense like he was hung over and didn't like the noise.

"It's the afternoon Chris, did you stay up all night or what?" She looked him up and down. His hair was equally as messy as hers and he was wearing a baggy tee shirt with pajama bottoms.

He blinked a couple of times, "Kind of, there was bird outside my window. Vanessa slept like a baby but I was up all night as it chirped away."

"Awe, that sucks Chris." She couldn't help but hug him because she was just that type of person. She liked trying to help people feel better.

He shrugged his shoulders, "Oh well, next time I'll wear ear plugs. I brought some but I couldn't find them so I'll have to find them tonight so that I actually sleep."

"Good plan," She couldn't help but to give him a thumbs up. Since her character Santana does it quite a bit, it kind of just grew on her and now she can't help but do it too.

"Anyways, I'm going to go have some breakfast or I guess lunch as you said." He turned and made his way to the staircase.

He looked like a zombie.

She turned back on her path and made it to hers and Heather's room to get ready. She did her morning routine of washing her face, brushing her teeth, brushing her hair and putting in her contacts but when it came down to choosing a swim suit that was tough. Since she knew that they were coming to a cabin near a lake she had brought a couple of different choices. It was trying to figure out which one she could wear that would hopefully make Heather's mouth water that was difficult. She also had to keep in mind that she was going to be driving a sea doo now so she didn't want one that could easily slip off accidently.

After much deliberation, she decided to go with her favorite pink two piece bathing suit. She looked in the mirror after putting her bathing suit on, "I look smoking hot." She smirked as she looked herself up and down. This one was perfect, it showed off her cleavage just enough but not too the point of slutty and this allowed for her very defined abs to show. Heather would have to be blind, not to drool. She will probably even catch the eyes of some of the guys as well.

Before exiting the room, she put a hair elastic around her wrist just in case she wanted to put her hair in a pony tail and she put her favorite sunglasses on her head for when she got outside.

Once downstairs she noticed Chris watching TV while eating the food he had made himself. No doubt he was going to be in here for a while before he came out. Then she went outside, the hot sun beating down on her. It was quite nice out.

She put her sunglasses over her eyes, "I can see why the guys want to splash those on the floating deck. They will dry off in no time." She smiled to herself getting all excited to splash them. First things first she needed to put on some sun tan lotion. No way was she going to get burned the first day. That wouldn't be any fun.

Once she got all the places she could get, she went over to the guys in the boathouse and got Kevin to get her back. "Thanks Bee," she smiled.

"No problem," he smiled back feeling good about himself for helping out Naya.

"So, how do I do this?" Naya asked all excited as she put her hair into a pony tail.

Mark looked over at her, "Well first you need to put this on." He handed her a life jacket. "I know you can swim but it's better to be safe than sorry so you might as well wear it."

She smiled at him for being so considerate before putting on the life jacket and buckling it up and tightening it so it doesn't just fall off. "Okay, now what?"

Mark guided her to the sea doo, "Get on it." She did as he said and then he explained how it works and how to start it. "I'm going to take the other one out on the water too." He said grabbing another life jacket and putting it on.

"What? Why?" She looked at him shocked that he would even think that she needed a chaperone for this. Granted she wasn't that great at sports but this wasn't that difficult to get.

He looked at her, "I'm going to come out as like a distraction. They will pay attention to me so you can swoop in and get them wet. If you go out there by yourself, they may figure out that we put you up to this and it won't actually be that surprising when you splash them."

Her face softened, "I guess that makes sense." She started up the sea doo after a few tries and then headed out of the boat house with Mark somewhat behind her.

He didn't want to go out right after her just in case they figured out her was working with Naya.


Lea noticed Naya come out of the boathouse on a sea doo, "What is she doing? I thought you said that Naya was going to come and tan with us." She looked over at Heather who was lying on the chair next to her.

Heather looked over at Naya, "She did. Maybe the guys caught her and convinced her to go out on the water with them. You know Naya, when the guys challenge her she tries to prove them she can do it. I'm sure she'll come here once she gets tired of that." She smiled as she watched Naya on the sea doo.

"As long as she doesn't splash us, I'm fine," Lea huffed annoyed that she had gotten so wet already. She's dry right now but she wasn't a little while ago when Cory came by on the boat and practically engulfed the floating dock with water. Heather was lucky; she was on the main land dock when that one happened.

Dianna looked over at Lea, "You're such a baby, it's just water." She grinned.

"Yeah, it is just water and besides it's hot out here," Jenna added. "It dries so fast. I can barely tell that we've been splashed about two times since we came out here."

Lea dropped her shoulders and crossed her arms in a huff, "Fine, be like that."

Heather just smiled at the mess that was Lea next to her.


By this time, Naya was pretty sure she had the best splashing technique. She had gotten the guys a few times as they stood in the boathouse.

She stopped at the boathouse as they had motioned for her to come back. "What do you want?" She asked them annoyed that she wasn't splashing the other girls right now.

"Are you ready?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah Bee, I got this." She sounded completely ready for this. There was no doubt in her voice at all.

"Okay, well make sure you don't crash into the dock because that most definitely won't work," Chord said trying not to laugh at the thought of Naya impacting and probably landing on some of the girls.

She narrowed her eyes on him, "I'm not going to crash."

He put up his hands in defense, "Okay, just making sure."

With that, Naya drove off ready to splash the other girls. She went off to the right instead of left so that she could gain some speed. Once she felt she was far enough away from them she went for it. No turning back, full force. She sped right past them, close enough to splash but far enough that she didn't hit it at all. A wave of water coated all six of them as Naya zipped on past them.

"My magazine!" Lea whined. "It's drenched. Why didn't you guys warn me that Mark was coming by?" Lea looked around at everyone.

"That wasn't Mark," Lea turned her head slowly to look at Heather, "it was Naya," Heather spoke up.

Just then Naya came back to the floating deck and stopped in front of them, "I'm sorry did I get you guys wet?" She asked nonchalantly looking all innocent.

"You did that on purpose," Lea pointed her finger at Naya to be more dramatic.

She shrugged her shoulders, "You have no proof of that. I didn't know I was close enough to splash you," She couldn't help the smirk on her face. It was taking all of her being not to burst out in laughter.

"Lea, your magazine will dry eventually," Dianna looked at her and couldn't help but to place a comforting hand on Lea's back.

"Well I-"

She was cut off when another splash got them including Naya soaked and being that Naya was on the water it got her the worst. She was completely drenched. Quickly she turned around and yelled, "Mark, what was that!"

All they could hear was him saying, "It was Heather's idea," and then sped off toward the boathouse.

They all looked back at Heather completely confused and she was killing herself laughing. If she wasn't on a chair she'd have been rolling on the floor. She couldn't keep the laughter in anymore. She was clutching her stomach she was laughing so hard.

"What does he mean by that?" Naya asked as she wiped the water out of her eyes before putting her sunglasses back on.

"Oh…. That was a good one." Eventually she calmed down and wiped the tears from her eyes from laughing so hard. "Phew… I should pull pranks more often. That was fun." They all continue to look at her confused.

"You got soaked just as much as us. How is all of this your idea?" Lea asked quite annoyed.

She couldn't stop the grin on her face, "Didn't you wonder why I left the dock to talk to the guys not too long ago?" The other girls just shook their heads. "I went there to plan this."

"But how could you know that I was going to volunteer to splash you guys? What if I would have just come out here?" Naya asked quite lost in how this entire thing was Heather's idea.

Heather couldn't help but chuckle, "That was the contingency plan. Originally the plan was for them to drop you off and then come by and splash us all. There is a very good chance it never would have come back on me. You guys probably would have thought it was them because they had been splashing us all day. So when Mark had asked me, what if Naya wants to do it, I told him to come up with a reason as to why he would come out with you so that he could splash you when you least expected it." She looked at Naya. "What did he say anyway?"

"He said he would be a distraction so that you guys wouldn't see me coming." She said feeling very played.

"Wait," Lea physically turned and looked at Heather, "You knew we were going to get wet not once but twice in a span of minutes and you didn't tell us?"

"What kind of prank would it have been had you known it was coming?" She reasoned making a whole lot of sense.

Lea turned back in her seat, "You're evil Heather. You do realize we're going to get you back at some point right."

Heather smirked, "Bring it on."

"So I have a question." They all look at Naya, "How did you know when I was going to come out?"

Heather couldn't help but laugh a bit more, "Here's the funny thing. I got the idea when I woke up and when I noticed it was a little after eleven, I figured you would be up soon so to move the process along I opened the blinds hoping the sun would wake you. Did it?" She asked.

Naya was very glad that she was ethnic in this situation because a bit of a blush came on because she remembered that it wasn't the sun it was her dream. "Yes, it was," she nodded to add to the lie hoping that they would believe her.

Heather chuckled more, "That's awesome. I just had to make sure I was outside and the plan was set before you completely woke up. From the looks of it, you must have been in the kitchen when they went in there after Cory dropped me off."

"That would explain why they were acting so weird." Naya said when it started to click. It all made sense to her now. Why Kevin looked at her when they walked into the kitchen before speaking, and then why Mark not only hit Cory for mentioning Heather but when he stared down Chord. They were all trying to be really secretive about the plan so that they didn't give it away.

"I can't believe it actually worked. I mean I had my hopes that it would but I didn't think it actually would," Heather grinned at the successfulness of her plan. "I bet you thought you were in control, hey Naya?"

Naya nodded, "Yes, I was so excited that I was going to be splashing you guys. I'm going to get you back at some point, you know that right?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Heather smiled.

Chapter 3 - Tubing With the Girls

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