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Accepting Love (3/?)

Hey everyone, I have a new chapter for all of you. It's almost 6,000 words long. It has a bunch of Heya in it that I think you guys will definitely enjoy. This chapter is definitely a girls chapter. There isn't much guy interaction in it.

By the way, the Glee quote I used was said by Naya and it was "I look smoking hot." It was said by Santana Lopez in the Madonna episode in Season 1.

I don't have a beta, so all mistakes are mine.

Italics are thought.

I hope you enjoy.


Chapter 3 – Tubing With the Girls

The look that Naya and Heather shared at this very moment was one that everyone around them couldn't really describe. It almost looked as though they were 30 years older, married and still had that look of pure love. The kinds of love that people feel when they realize that this person was their one true love. A person they could spend they lifetime with. It was like all of them were witnessing this private moment between these two lovers. Even though everyone else could see it, Heather and Naya continued to ignore it. Brush it under the rug as if it was nothing. They were so in love, everyone could see it but it was blind to them.

"Well, I don't know about you guys but I am tired of my magazine constantly getting soaked," Lea broke the ice as she stood up from her chair. She couldn't help but smile at the looks of Naya and Heather as she had broken their staring contest.

It looked as though Naya and Heather came back from another planet with the looks on their faces. They looked almost disoriented like they didn't recognize where they were before it hit them and then they went back to focusing on whatever it was that Lea was saying to everyone else.

"Why don't we take the boat out ourselves and go tubing?" Lea suggested looking very excited about her idea.

"What if Cory doesn't have any tubes?" Vanessa asked trying not to get her hopes to high just in case they can't do it.

"There is no way Cory has a boat and no tubes. That would be crazy." Lea looked over at Naya. "Why don't you go get the boat and ask Cory where he has his tubes?"

"Okay, be back in a-"

"Wait," Heather moved closer to Naya, "I want to come too. Scoot forward." She motioned with her hands to make sure Naya got what she was saying.

Naya slid her butt forward a bit so that Heather could get on the back, "Make sure you hold on tight, I wouldn't want you falling off the back."

"Got it," Heather carefully stepped onto the right side of the sea doo that was closest to the dock before swinging her leg over the seat. Once on, she scooted forward so that she was flush with Naya's back and wrapped her arms around the brunette nice and snugly. She felt Naya freeze for a moment. "Are you okay? Am I holding on too tightly?" She asked worried that she might be cutting of Naya's air supply.

Finally Naya let go of the breath she wasn't aware she was holding. "I'm fine. Yeah, I'm all good," She nervously defended her odd behavior. The same behavior that definitely wasn't going away any time soon either as she couldn't get over how good Heather's breasts felt against her back or the feel of the blonde's hot breath on her neck whenever she breathed. This was going to be a long ride from here to the boathouse, she thought to herself.

Naya started up the sea doo again and they were off.

Heather on the other hand was having difficulty focusing on the fact that they were even moving. She couldn't get over how amazing Naya's body felt against hers. So close, yet so far away. Naya smelt like her usual mixture of coffee and cinnamon yet Heather knew Naya had to be wearing sun screen lotion but she couldn't smell it. It was like she had gotten so used to the scent of her best friend that it was all she could smell when they were together. I wonder if she would still smell this good covered in garbage, she couldn't help but smile at the thought of Naya covered in garbage. Her soft smooth hair sticking out from all sides of her head and dirt on her face… It'd definitely be adorable, Heather couldn't help but think.

Heather finally looked up and noticed just how close she was to Naya's neck. She hadn't fully realized that she had rested her head on Naya's shoulder. If she was playing Brittany right now, she wouldn't hesitate and kiss along her chocolaty neck. Or at least attempt too. Heather seriously considered on just doing it, just one taste of the skin she loved to feel against her own when she was cuddling with Naya. She wouldn't mind, would she? Heather thought to herself. Nah… she'd be fine with it. But alas when she finally got her nerve, they were pulling up to the boathouse.

Naya parked the sea doo where it was before she took it out for the plan that turned out to be Heather's evil plan. Heather jumped off first and stuck out her hand to help Naya off.

"Oh, thank Hemo," Naya smiled as she took Heather's hand and jumped off the sea doo. "Finally, I can take this thing off." She unbuckled the life jacket and took it off with ease.

As she was taking it off, Heather got the perfect sight of Naya's body and the swimsuit she had chosen to wear. She chose her pink one. Heather had to hold back a visible gulp from seeing Naya's curves accentuated with that swim suit. Not to mention her abs were to die for. Heather wanted to drop all her reserves and take her best friend inside right now and have you way with her. She wanted to touch them, feel each and every ab individually and feel the shivers run through Naya's body as she did so. To suck on her well-rounded breasts that were partially seen under the top of her bathing suit.

"I wonder where Cory is?" Naya looked around as she pulled the hair band from her hair to let her long locks of hair free from the ponytail they'd been trapped in.

Heather almost jumped from her daydream as she quickly averted her eyes away from her best friend to see if she could see Cory. "Um… maybe he's inside?" She put the question out hoping she wasn't blushing or anything even though her cheeks felt a little hot.

"Hm... Maybe. Let's go check, shall we?" Naya smiled as she walked along path that lead to the house.

Heather couldn't help but to watch Naya walk away from her. There was a part of her that felt like Naya did this on purpose because they usually hold hands whenever they go somewhere but this time she just walked away. Heather wasn't going to take this for granted though; she couldn't keep her eyes off of Naya's nice round butt. She had always noticed Naya's butt especially when they did dance numbers in tight clothing. The best one by far was the outfit Naya was wearing for the "If I Can't Have You" number she sang in the episode Saturday Night Glee-ver. She'd be lying if she said she didn't love it in season 2 when Santana and Brittany weren't Cheerios anymore. Santana sure liked wearing tight clothing and Heather definitely had fun during that period just as much as she was right now. Not to mention the bottom half of her bathing suit was skin tight as it was still a little damp from when Mark had splashed her.

"Aren't you coming Heather?" Naya called out as she was several feet ahead of Heather.

Naya appeared to be grinning from where Heather was standing but that didn't make much sense to the blonde. She hadn't realized she wasn't moving until Naya had knocked her out of her world. I need to focus more, Heather thought as she jogged toward Naya. I definitely need to focus on other things when around Naya. She berated herself internally.

Naya watched as Heather made her way to her, Heather's blue bathing suit gleaming in the sunlight. It clung to her in all the right places, Naya couldn't help but to stare as Heather jogged toward her. The few strands of hair that had fallen from the blonde's bun framed her face perfectly. Naya had to force herself not to lick her lips too suggestively otherwise Heather might question what it was she was doing then she'd be in trouble.

Naya got to the sliding door first and slide it open but moved to the side to let Heather in first.

"Thanks," Heather said as she walked in past the brunette and into the kitchen. Naya followed afterwards and then slid the door back so it didn't let any bugs in.

They looked for a second and noticed no Cory but they heard the TV on. Naya made her way with Heather behind her to where the TV was and sure enough there was Cory, Chris, Chord and Mark watching TV.

"Chris, you're still in here, I thought you'd be outside by now?" She questioned remembering him being half asleep earlier.

Chris looked up from where he was sitting at Naya, "I was going to but then a marathon of Transformers came on and being that I love that series, I decided to just stay in."

Naya's eyes lit up, "Oh, which one are you guys on right now?" She asked curiously. She too was a fan of the movies.

"We're on the second one, Revenge of the Fallen, it's about half way in." Chris said as he turned back to the TV and watched a commercial about a new car coming out next year.

"Ooo.. that one's my favorite of the three," Naya moved toward a stool when Heather grabbed her arm and stopped her. She turned back and narrowed her eyes at Heather in frustration.

"Naya, we came in here for a reason, remember?" Heather said through gritted teeth as she scrunched up her face too look angry but faltering as she could never truly be mad at Naya.

Naya sighed in defeat realizing they did come here for a reason, "Right. Cory, do you have any tubes that we could use to pull behind your boat?" She asked hoping that Lea was right.

Cory looked up from the chair he was sitting on, "Of course I do. I have a few different ones. I have a two-man tube or if you guys really wanted you could use to single ones." He laid out their options.

Heather looked over at Naya, "What do you think?"

"Well the two tubes would be a lot of fun, don't you think Hemo?" Naya asked quite stoked about this option.

"Yeah, we'll use the two tubes. So where are they? And where is the rope we use to attach them to the back of the boat?" Heather asked hoping that she would be able to find them once Cory told them where they were.

"Instead of me trying to describe where they are, I'll come with you guys so I can set it up for you." He got up from his comfy spot on the chair and walked past Heather and Naya.

"Thank Cory," Naya smiled. "That's sweet of you."

"Yes well, might as well do something nice after splashing all of you so much." He couldn't help but grin at the memory of Lea's face every time he splashed her.

Naya and Heather moved to walk out of the house with him when Naya stopped. "Hey Heather, I'll meet you out there. I'm going to stop and make a basket of food for those of us that aren't on the water. Sound good?"

Heather's face lit up at the thought of food, "That's a great idea. Look at you, always thinking ahead." She couldn't help the smile of her face as she left Naya in the kitchen and followed Cory outside.

"So are all of the girls going out on the water or just a couple?" He asked curious.

"Um..I think all of us but I'm not too sure. I know that Lea, Naya and I definitely are. I wouldn't be surprised if Di is coming out too because her and Lea are practically attached at the hip. Oh and Vanessa, she's coming out too. Why will that be too many people?" She asked hoping that wasn't the case.

He shook his head, "No, I was just curious." They continued walking along the path until they came across a shed.

"Hey, I noticed that Kevin and Harry weren't inside, where did they go?" Heather asked noticing that they were nowhere to be found.

"Oh they went quading up in the hills after we watched Mark splash Naya. They just left not too long ago. I'm surprised you guys didn't run into them as you came into the house." He said as he opened the shed and began looking for the tubes and rope.

Not much time later, he pulled out two long ropes and handed them to Heather and then found the two flat tubes. "We'll just need to blow them up which won't take very much time." He pulled out the air pump, plugged it in and attached it to the first tube before turning it on.

"Could you imagine if you had to blow that up with your mouth? That would take a long time." She widened her eyes just thinking about it.

He chuckled, "Yes, that is for sure. Good thing we have this air pump, we don't have to do a single thing except watch it and make sure it doesn't put too much air in it."

A short while later both the tubes were pumped up. Cory put away the pump and closed the shed doors before grabbing both tubes and walking back to the boat with Heather following behind with the rope. Once they got there they were met with Naya putting the basket in the boat.

"Oh hey guys," She couldn't help the smile that graced her lips as she noticed the bright red and yellow tubes Cory was carrying under each arm.

Heather came around Cory and gave him the ropes before she stood by Naya, "So what did you pick for snacks?" Heather asked curiously trying to sneak a peek at the basket but being disappointed when she noticed it was closed.

"Oh you know, just something of everything. Mostly fruit though because it's more likely to lose the wrapper of a granola bar than it is a banana peel." She made her point which Heather accepted by nodding her head. "I also grabbed a few bottles of water."

While the two girls were talking Cory was attaching the ropes securely to the boat and the tubes so that they don't fall off. After a moment or two, he stood up. "Okay, there you go. You should be good to go. Just make sure that whoever is riding the tubes is wearing a life jacket and you should be good." He smiled as he handed them both a life jacket.

"Thanks Cory," they called after him as he walked away. He threw up his hand and waved as he walked away.

Naya decided to put her hair back in a ponytail as it was going to be very windy both on the boat and on the tubes and she'd like to be able to see. While she was doing that Heather pulled her hair from a bun and put it too in a ponytail.

"Okay, are we ready to go?" Naya asked as she watched Heather put her hair in a ponytail.

Heather nodded her head excited to do this. They got onto the boat, wobbled a little bit until they got their sea legs but because both of them went on a lot of houseboats over summers when they were kids it was a quick adjustment. Heather decided to take the wheel so she started up the engine and they were off, slow at first to make sure the tubes got out of the boathouse and then faster until they approached the dock that the rest of the girls were on.

"Oh, you guys are back," Lea turned away from the group and looked at the boat floating alongside the dock.

"Yes we are and we've got snacks and the tubes, let's get this party started. So jump on!" Heather exclaimed as she tried to keep the boat close enough to the dock that the others can get on but not crashing into it and scraping the paint.

Lea got on the boat first followed by Dianna and then Vanessa. Amber and Jenna were still laying on their lounge chairs on the dock.

"Aren't you guys coming?" Dianna asked Amber and Jenna as she helped Vanessa get on the boat.

Jenna shook her head, "No, I want to get more sun now that I won't get splashed. Plus I've only been out for a little while. I'm just going to lie here and soak up the rays." She smiled as she grabbed Lea's almost dry magazine and began flipping through it.

"Yeah, I agree. I'm going to stay here with Jenna. You guys have fun though," She repositioned her lounge chair to get optimum sun coverage.

Naya and Heather looked at each and shrugged. "Okay then, see you later." Heather said as she started up the boat again and moved away from the dock being careful not to get the tubes caught on the dock.

Once out in the middle of the lake, Heather stopped the boat and turned around. "Okay so who wants to go first?" Heather looked at everyone. At this point they had already started digging into the basket of food that Naya had brought out. "Really guys? You do realize that we are tubing right, after eating all that food you aren't going to want to do this. Either that or you're going to throw up your guts once you yet a wave out there."

Lea looked up from finishing the last piece of her banana, "We haven't eaten that much Heather. We'll be fine. Now I want to go first." She jumped up after putting her peel in the little bag Naya had put in the basket for garbage.

"Okay well so do I," Heather exclaimed. "So someone has to drive the boat. Naya?" She looked at her best friend.

Naya nodded, "Sure, I'll do it. You better hold on tight though. Once I get the hang of this thing, I'll have you guys begging to quit." She had a devilish grin on her face and couldn't help the small chuckle that escaped from her lips.

"This wouldn't happen to be the pay back that I am supposed to be receiving would it?" Heather asked knowing that Naya and Lea were going to get her back at some point for planning that epic splash on both of them.

Naya shrugged, "Maybe…" Her voice had a bit of a sing-song tone to it.

Heather just shook her head at the craziness that was Naya at this very moment as she grabbed the life jackets. She handed one to Lea and put the other one on herself. After making sure that she and Lea were buckled in correctly she hopped over the edge of the boat and began making her way to the tubes. Lea was close behind as she too jumped over the other side of the boat.

Heather hoisted herself onto the tube on her stomach and grabbed the handles that were forty-five degrees from the line attached to the boat. She looked over at Lea who was sitting on the tube, her feet sticking out the front and her hands were holding onto the handles on the sides of the tube. Two different approaches, who was going to last longer?

"You're going to fall off like that Lea," She said looking at Lea's position. "One wave and you'll be gone."

She shook her head, "No I won't. I bet I'll stay on longer than you."

"You're on!" She exclaimed as she gave those on the boat a thumbs up.

Lea saw what she did and did the same to indicate that they were ready to go.

Naya started up the engine of the boat and slowly eased them forward at first until the ropes between them and the tubes were tight so that she didn't jerk them off instead of fall off.

Jerking off was not the best way to fall off because it felt like jumping onto a moving treadmill. No matter what you do, you just can't stay on. Plus it really hurts your neck whether you end up staying on or not.

Once the ropes were tight, Naya looked back at Dianna and Vanessa, "I suggest sitting down if I were you." She grinned to them as she watched them take their seats so they can watch Heather and Lea. This way if one of them falls off they can tell Naya and she can swoop around to get them.

They were off, at first Heather was seriously regretting the way she decided to lie on the tube because Naya was going straight for a while at different speeds and this was making Heather's arms weak but then Naya decided to shake it up and she turned. Lea and Heather's tubes bumped together as they hit this corner. Then Naya swung it around the other way to hit some of the waves she had created from her other paths. This was when Heather was glad of the way she was lying because as they hit the waves Lea was bouncing up and down on her tube. It was a wonder as to how she was keeping herself on the tube but somehow she was until they hit this big wave. They actually went up in the air at least a foot. Heather landed fine but Lea… she lost her grip on the handles and bounced off the tube into the water with a splash.

Heather, in her excitement for lasting longer than Lea lifted her arm in triumph but wasn't paying attention and when Naya turned the boat again, Heather lost her grip and fell into the water as well.

When she surfaced she yelled, "Ha, I told you I'd make it longer than you Lea," To Lea who wasn't too far from her but the boat was far enough from them that Lea could hear her.

Eventually the boat turned around and came back for them. Naya pulled up next to Heather, "How was that run?"

"That was good but I didn't technically fall off because of something you did." Heather explained.

Naya looked at her confused, "How else could you have fallen off besides what I was doing?"

Heather continued to tread water even though it was unnecessary with the life jacket. "Lea and I made a bet as to who would stay on longer and when I won I let go of one of the rungs so I lost my grip and fell in."

Naya nodded, "Oh I see. Well I guess you better go again so that I can get you this time."

"Yes ma'am," Heather saluted Naya with her hand.

Naya couldn't help but laugh. "You're a goof Hemo."

"You know it," She said as she made her way back to the tubes.

"Nice fall Lea," Dianna said as Lea swam by.

Lea just glared at the three of them on the boat as they burst into laughter. Once she got to the tube she climbed on like Heather had before but was surprised to see Heather sitting the way she was before.

"Heather, what are you doing?" She looked at the way Heather was sitting. "You saw me fall off so easily. Why would you want to sit like that?" She asked curiously.

Heather shrugged her shoulders, "Because lying like that can be painful on the arms and besides this way seemed so much more challenging. Do you want to try and challenge me now? See who can stay on the longest like this?" Heather stared at Lea hoping to convince her.

Lea thought for a moment and then she decided to give in and she attempted to switch the way she was sitting without falling in the water. However it didn't work as she slipped in the water. Second try, she got up on the tube and sat just like Heather before they both gave a thumb up to those on the boat.

This time around Naya was very determined to get them off their tubes as she was making far more turns in this track. She was weaving in and out, hitting wave after wave but to no avail. These two were really planted on their tubes. They even caught some air, they still didn't hit the water. Then with the combination of Naya taking a sharp turn and Lea attempting to flip Heather as payback for the splash earlier, it happened. Heather and Lea hit a wave and with Lea trying to flip Heather, the wave gave her the momentum she wanted and she flipped Heather but Lea also fell in afterwards because she hit the wave not holding onto anything.

Heather's tube was completely flipped over.

Dianna and Vanessa were killing themselves laughing as they pulled up next to Heather and Lea in the water. Heather was floating on her back as Lea was just floating next to her.

"Lea, that was awesome!" Vanessa exclaimed. "If you would have survived that it would have been epic."

Lea high fived Vanessa as she climbed up the ladder onto the boat. "It was pretty awesome wasn't it?" She said smirking as Heather climbed in after her.

Heather's eyes gleaming, "Man that was fun. Who's next?"

Vanessa shot up her hand practically jumping up and down, "I want to go next."

Heather took off her life jacket and gave it to Vanessa who was a little hesitant at first because it was soaked and she was dry but as soon as she got it on it was smooth sailing.

Lea handed her life jacket to Dianna who took it willingly and put it on before getting into the water and following Vanessa to the tubes.

Heather walked to the front of the boat and sat down in the seat next to Naya's in a huff.

Naya looked over to her, "Wow, did those two runs take it all out of you or what?" She looked at her curiously. For a girl that can dance for hours and hours on end it didn't make sense that such a short run would tire her out.

Heather shook her head, "No, I just got a lot of water in that last one from the tube flipping over. I wasn't prepared for it." She tilted her head to the left side and hit her right side of her head as though she was trying to get water unclogged from her ear.

"Awe… Poor you." Naya stuck out her bottom lip. "Does this mean you want me to drive?"

"Yup, at least for a little bit until I don't feel like I'm underwater anymore," Heather said still trying to get the water in her ears to come out.

"Naya, they're ready to go," Lea said interrupting the moment Heather and Naya were having.

Several more runs go, Dianna and Vanessa try their luck at the tubing, sitting different ways and falling off. They too decided that sitting while hanging on the sides was a better option mostly because it was easier on the arms plus falling into the water was actually fun. After those two went a few times, Naya went with Lea for a bit and Heather got her payback on Naya a few times getting her to catch air a few times before falling off. Then Lea and Dianna went together. There wasn't much shoving in that one, they looked like they were actually trying to help each other. Vanessa and Heather went next, these two had fun trying to get the other off the tube just like Lea had to Heather earlier. After several attempts they both got each other off at least once while still staying on the tube. Naya and Dianna went next and these two just had fun trying to stay on as Heather was on a war path to get them off very fast. Then Lea and Vanessa went together. These two attempted to ride on the same tube as they were so small but it failed miserably as they fell off together as they hit the first wave going straight.

Finally it was Naya and Heather who went out on the water together. Naya took the life jacket from Lea and Heather took the one from Vanessa. Once buckled in they jumped in the water and made their way to the tubes and did as everyone else had been ad sat down on the tube hanging onto the handles on the side of it.

Lea was the one driving the boat since Heather and Naya were in the water. According to her she could do it. However on the first go, Lea just gunned it and didn't let the ropes stretch to length so the two on the tubes were quite unprepared and flipped off.

Naya popped out of the water, "Lea, did say she had done this before right? I didn't imagine it when she said that?" She looked over at Heather questionably who had swam closer to her as they waited for the boat to come back around.

Heather nodded, "Yup, she did say that. Clearly she hasn't." She agreed as she rubbed the back of her neck feeling a bit of a kink from that abrupt movement on the tube.

Lea pulled the boat near them, "Got you guys didn't I?" They both glared at her. "What? I got you guys off fair and square." She defended herself thinking she was in the right.

Naya shook her head, "No you didn't. You are supposed to pull the boat forward until the ropes are tight that way when you move the boat faster we don't get jerked off. You just gunned it and killed our necks from it. Thanks a lot." That came out filled with more anger than she had meant it to be.

"What Naya was trying to say was, you just need to be a little bit more careful okay. I thought you said you'd done this before?" She said swiping the hair in her face behind her ear.

Lea nodded, "Sure… a few years ago." She just realized it had been a while since she had done this. "Okay, I'm a bit out of practice. Sorry guys. Do you want to go again? I promise, I'll take it slow at the beginning." She asked hoping to get back on their good sides.

Naya finally looked back at Lea, "Fine, but if you do that again, I will go all Lima Heights on your ass." She felt powerful using a line her character often says.

Lea even looked a little scared, "Nice Naya." She said before she moved the boat forward enough so that the tubes were at Naya and Heather.

Heather looked over at Naya once they were up on their tubes, "You know that she didn't mean to do it on purpose right?" She reached over and placed a hand on Naya's wrist.

Naya smiled at the gesture as she nodded, "I know." She looked back to the boat and gave them a thumbs up that she was ready.

Heather did the same as soon as she let go of Naya and grabbed a hold of the handle again.

This time around it was more enjoyable as Lea didn't jerk them off. They swerved and flew in the air but never actually fell off. They could even see the frustration on Lea's face as she kept turning around to see if they had fallen off yet. No matter what she did, she couldn't get them off their tubes.

At one point Vanessa and Dianna looked back and could see Heather and Naya just look at each other. They had this intense stare. They were mouthing something as well but neither of the two girls on the boat could figure out what they were saying from the distance. However the next time, they hit a wave, both Naya and Heather ended up falling off their tubes.

From the water, they could see Lea practically jumping up and down at the fact that she had finally gotten them off their tubes.

They smiled at each other, "Looks like that cheered her up. Nice idea Heather." Naya winked as she looked over at Heather as the boat neared them.

They got onto the boat and Dianna and Vanessa couldn't help but glare at them like maybe they knew something about their plan but they just ignored it. Maybe they would talk to them later but for now, they weren't.

"Who's next?" Heather asked. She looked around the boat and no one was volunteering. "Or should we just call it a day and go back to the cabin?"

"I'm game for that," Dianna said waving herself with her hand because the heat out there was unbearable.

Heather looked around at everyone else and no one countered it so she took that as everyone wanted to go back as well. She noticed Naya who looked a little tired as she was resting her head on her hand as Heather spoke in front of them all. Even if someone would have said they wanted to go again, she probably would have taken Naya back to the cabin as she looked exhausted.


Once back at the boathouse, they got everything out of the boat and made their way back to the cabin.

Lea was walking behind Naya when she noticed something on Naya's back, "Hey Naya, I think you have a sunburn."

"What? That's crazy. I never burn." She said defending herself. "Besides, I had sunscreen on."

"Well there is a first for everyone," Lea was determined to get Naya to take notice. "Anyone else see what I see?" She looked to the other girls.

Heather stepped back and moved Naya's hair from her back to take a closer look, "Oh, I think Lea is right Naya. It does look a little red. Who put your sunscreen on?"

Naya turned her head as far as she could to try and see this so called sunburn but she couldn't see it. "Kevin put it on for me because somebody got out of bed early." She narrowed her eyes in on Heather.

"Hey, I got up for a pretty good reason, that prank on you was awesome." Heather defended herself.

Naya sighed, "Well now I have a sunburn so I think you should help me put some Aloe on it so it doesn't peel." She couldn't help but smirk as she thought of the idea of Heather running her fingers all over her back with Aloe. It sounded rather wonderful.

"Sure, I'll help you with that." Heather didn't even try to get out of it because she wanted to do it. Even if Naya wouldn't have asked her, she would have done it anyway. To be able to have her hands on the beautiful Latina for even something as simple as this would completely make her day. In a way she was happy that Naya got a sunburn.

"Okay, well let's go. The faster I get Aloe on it, the better." She said as she practically dragged Heather in the direction of the cabin.

Lea, Dianna and Vanessa followed behind. They wanted to change out of their bathing suits before doing something else. While Heather and Naya made their way into the cabin and up to the room they were sharing.

Chapter 4 - Seeing Things
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