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Accepting Love - Chapter 4 Part 1

Hey everybody, I know it's been a while since I updated this fic. I'm trying to get back into writing this fic more frequently but when my Heya fics got deleted from by the Admins, I kind of lost initiative to write. I had this huge fanbase on and now it's gone. I'm hoping that some of you have migrated over here but if not, I hope those of you that do read this, enjoy it. For whatever reason, this chapter maxed out limit of word per post so I have made it into 2 parts. The link to the second one is at the bottom. The word count was close to 5,500 words.

There is tons of Heya interaction in this one. I think you'll really enjoy it.

The idea behind this one actually came from a personal experience I had myself so what Naya goes through, I'm not going to say what, actually happened to me. I mean minus the hot girl rubbing aloe on me. If only that would have been real. I had what Naya has going on with her so what you will read is basically what I myself felt in that moment. 

Italics are thought.

Enjoy and Please Leave Me a Review. It would mean the world to me. :D  


Chapter 4 – Seeing Things (Part 1)


“I’m going to grab the Aloe from the bathroom, I’ll meet you in our bedroom in two secs,” Heather said before she walked into the washroom that was on the way to the bedroom they were sharing.


Once in the washroom, she searched for the Aloe but couldn’t find it anywhere. It wasn’t in the drawers, or the cabinets. “Where could it be?” She mumbled to herself. Just then she heard someone yelling her name. She left the room reluctantly to find out who was calling her name. She would get back to looking for the Aloe as soon as she dealt with the person who was calling her.




Naya walked into the bedroom, tossing her towel on the ground since she felt dry enough not to need it anymore. She could lie on the bed and wait for Heather to come back and not have to worry about getting their comforter wet. Her hair was still a little damp but it wasn’t too soaked. She took the hair band off her wrist and tied her hair up into a bun. This way it would stay out of her face and Heather would have easier access to the sunburn supposedly on her back.


I very rarely burn, she thought to herself. As she sat down on the bed to get more comfortable something caught her eye lying in Heather’s suitcase. It looked to be something green. She got up off the bed and made her way to the suitcase, looking in she picked up the green bottle. Naya couldn’t help but smile. Sometimes, Hemo can be very forgetful.


Naya walked to the doorway and looked out into the hallway, “Hey Heather!” She called out hoping that the blonde would hear her from where she was standing.


She watched as Heather walked out of the bathroom empty handed looking like she was trying to find something. Heather turned in her direction and her face lit up as she saw what Naya was holding. Naya could tell she had her attention, “Looking for this?” She pulled it up into view so Heather could see.


Heather smiled, “Yes, I am.” She walked up excitedly. “I’ll help put this on, as soon as I figure out who was calling me.” She turned to leave when a hand gently brushed along her arm.


“That was me,” Naya said.


Heather looked back, “Oh, well okay then.” So they walked back into the room. “Why don’t you take off your top and sit down on the bed?” She suggested not even phased by the fact that she would be touching a half-naked Naya Rivera.


Naya looked at her like she didn’t quite hear what she said, “Why would I need to take my top off? The sunburn is just below my neck, isn’t it?”


“It’ll be easier for me to get your sunburn and cover it better if you take off your top. You can use your towel that’s on the ground to ‘cover up’ if you want to.” She made air quotations around the “cover up” for extra effect.


“You just want to see me half-naked don’t you?” She scoffed before realizing what she had just said. Did I just say that out loud? She thought to herself as she immediately looked away from Heather’s bearing eyes and reached down to grab the towel she had thrown on the ground earlier.


Heather couldn’t believe what Naya had just said. Had she thought about seeing Naya naked, sure but to have Naya herself actually say those words was a whole other experience. She thought she was hot before from the sun but now it was definitely not the sun creating the heat within her.


Naya walked over to the bed and sat down, “Look away please.” She looked back at Heather and glared before the blonde did as she was told.


“Okay, fine, but it’s not like I haven’t seen before,” she remarked wondering if Naya would respond to it. For some reason, in this moment, Heather was feeling very testy. She wanted to see just how far she could push Naya.


“Oh puhlease, you wish,” Again Naya was shocked to hear the words come out of her mouth. One moment she was afraid to say certain things to the blonde and now she had an incredible burst of courage that was a little overwhelming. After one last glance at Heather, she pulled off her top and quickly hid her breasts with the towel leaving her back completely exposed.


This time when Heather heard Naya say what she said, she couldn’t help but shiver a little. Good thing Naya’s back was to her because it was definitely a visible shiver that would have definitely been questioned. She was beginning to feel tingly all over her body and now knowing that she would have her fingers on the beautiful Latina in just a moment was so exhilarating.


“Okay, I’m good, you can turn around now.” Naya said sounding very nervous.


This surprised Heather because they were friends, best friends to be exact so they shouldn’t be nervous around each other and yet Naya sure seemed like she was right now.


Heather made her way over to the bed and sat down right behind Naya sitting cross-legged. Naya was far enough on the bed that her feet weren’t touching the ground but close enough that her feet were dangling.


“Okay, ready?” Heather asked after squeezing the cool gel onto her hands.


Naya just nodded too afraid that she would say something more embarrassing like before.


“The gel is a little cold,” she warned the brunette before she connected her soft milky skin to the chocolaty skin in front of her. 


Naya hadn’t believed them when they said she had a sunburn but she sure was now as the cool gel seethed into her skin leaving it to feel very hot but painful all at once. However having Heather’s hands on her made the pain actually enjoyable. She winced here and there as Heather massaged the gel in but for the most part she felt like she was in Heaven. The feel of soft milky hands on her was indescribable. It felt like eating a bowl of ice cream, it’s just too good to stop and the feel of the cold creaminess softly flowing down your throat as you scoop another spoonful into your mouth. It was so relaxing and so calming that Naya couldn’t help but to close her eyes.


Heather could feel the other girl relax in front of her has her muscles in her back felt like they had released all the tension she had been feeling. Heather couldn’t help but take advantage of this opportunity and run her hands along more than just the sunburn. Her hands made their way along her shoulders and onto her neck, massaging between her neck and collarbone. She felt so at home here, being so close to the girl she loved. It took all of her being to resist moving just a little bit closer and tasting the skin below her ear. It looked so appetizing, so delicious. She just wanted one taste, one kiss. What could be so bad about that? Too friends getting lost in the moment… she thought to herself as she neared closer and closer.


Just as her lips were about to connect Naya practically jumped from the bed in fright. At first thought, Heather thought that Naya had figured out what she was doing and quickly jumped away from her however quite quickly, Heather figured out that was not the case. She wasn’t frightened by Heather but from something else.


“Oh my god, did you see it?” She looked back at Heather but quickly looked away trying to find what she saw. “It was so big, I can’t see it, did you see it?” She was looking around like a maniac trying to spot something Heather couldn’t see.


“Naya, slow down, what did you see?” She tried to calm the girl in front of her. “Take a deep breath for me.”


Naya did as instructed and took in a deep breath before releasing it. “I swear I just saw a spider on my leg.” She looked again and couldn’t see it. “Yet it seemed to have disappeared.”


“Maybe you saw something and just thought it was a spider?” Heather suggested but couldn’t help but feel guilty because she hadn’t seen the spider because she was too focused on tasting the skin on Naya’s neck to notice anything else.


Naya looked into Heather’s eyes feeling a bit better, “Maybe you’re right.” She took another deep breath before turning back around so that Heather could continue.


However now with that whole spider scare, Heather wasn’t too sure how Naya would take her tasting her neck so she decided to just go back to massaging the gel into her sunburn.


A few moments later, Heather was actually paying attention and this time Naya flew off of the bed freaking out again.


“Ahh…. It was definitely on me that time.” She was practically jumping up and down next to the bed, still holding the towel in place but she definitely had her eye on something so Heather moved to look but couldn’t see anything.


“What do you see?” She asked curious to know why she was freaking out again.


“It’s a spider, right there, can’t you see it?” She looked at Heather completely shocked that she couldn’t spot the huge spider on the ground in front of her.


Heather looked again and couldn’t see anything, “Naya, look at me,” Naya wasn’t looking she was too focused on the ground, “LOOK AT ME!” This time she practically yelled. 


This got Naya’s attention and their eyes immediately met. “It’s not there.” Heather said. “Look again.”


Naya looked back down and sure enough the spider was gone.


“Naya, how much water did you drink while we were out on the lake?” She asked curiously as Naya sat back down on the bed, this time facing Heather.


“I don’t know, why?” She asked curious to know why Heather was worried about how much water she had and not about the fact that she was seeing spiders.


“I’m thinking that you have sun stroke.” Heather nodded believing that was definitely the case.


Naya furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, “Why do you think that?”


“These spiders you’re seeing aren’t really there. I think you’re hallucinating. Typically sun stroke comes on if you don’t drink enough water while in the hot sun. From what I remember, you did a lot of driving meaning you wouldn’t have been drinking too much water so that would explain why you’re hallucinating spiders now. Your body is so deprived of water that it is creating these hallucinations and unfortunately for you they seem to be spiders.” Heather explained the best she could from what she could remember from the many books she had read in her life.


“Great…” She dragged out the word. “What a great way to end a nice day. However that would explain why I feel very out of it. Ever since we got off the boat, I’ve felt a little weird but couldn’t place it, now it makes a whole lot more sense.” She sighed. “So what do you suggest I do, Dr. Morris?” She couldn’t help but smile at that one which in turn made Heather smile as well.


“Well, you’ll need something to help you rest. I don’t think you’d want to constantly see spiders, so you might as well sleep it off. I’ll go find some codeine to knock you out. I’ll be right back, just remember that if you see any, they aren’t really there, okay?” Heather looked at Naya trying to convince her of her words.


Naya nodded, “Got it.”  


Just before Heather walked out of the bedroom, “Oh and I should mention, I read that sometimes, it’s not just sight hallucinations.” Naya looked at her confused. “Sometimes, they can be touch too. So if you feel like something is crawling on you, it’s a hallucination, okay? I’ll be back in a flash.”  With that Heather walked out of the room and straight into the bathroom.


She opened the medicine cabinet and unlike last time she found what she was looking for which was a bottle of codeine. “Perfect, this will definitely knock her out.” She looked around for a glass and noticed Naya’s cup she used for her toothbrush, it was pink. “Well, I’m sure this will work fine.” Without question she pulled out the toothbrush and tooth paste and filled it with water from the tap.


“Heather! Get in here fast! I’m freaking out here!”


Heather could hear the panic in Naya’s voice all the way in the bathroom. It killed her to know that the Latina was hurting from this. The idea to go boating may have been Lea’s idea but she felt like it was her fault that she was hallucinating now. Technically it’s not her fault at all but because she splashed Naya, she had been trying to get her back and that included the boating. So in a way, she made it happen and she felt awful. If anything she would be there with Naya as she went through this.


Once the glass was filled with enough water, she went back to the room.


Naya was looking around frantically, her eyes were darting from corner to corner and she couldn’t sit still. Her body was jerking and her hands kept swiping across her legs as if something was on them.


Heather did notice that Naya had changed while she was gone. She was now wearing a baggy t-shirt and some shorts. A very familiar baggy t-shirt for that matter, “Wearing one of my shirts I see?” She couldn’t help the smirk that appeared on her face.


“Oh shut-up, your bag was closer than mine so I just grabbed from it.” She looked right at Heather and somehow just from that she calmed a little. She didn’t feel as bad which she was glad for because as soon as Heather left it was pure hell.


Heather sat down on the side of the bed, “Here, take this.” She handed her a pill from the bottle she was holding and the glass from the other hand. “This should knock you out.”


Naya did as instructed and took the pill without question. She trusted Heather more than anyone else in the world. If she said this would make her feel better, than this would make her feel better.


“Okay, now let’s get you comfy here.” Heather pulled back the comforter and sheet as soon as Naya stood up from the bed. Naya slid under the covers and laid her head upon the many pillows Heather pilled together.


“Don’t you think this is a lot of pillows?” She looked at Heather as she tried to get comfy on them. “I mean, one would have been enough.”


Heather shook her head, “This is temporary but you need to have this simulated so that when I come back, I can just move the pillows with ease and you probably won’t wake up.”


Naya looked up at her confused. “Simulated for what exactly?”


“For me,” Heather watched Naya’s face light up. “I’m not going to let you go through this alone. It wouldn’t be fair for me to go out and enjoy what’s left of the sun while you stay in here lost in your hallucinations. I wouldn’t  do that to you even if you made me go outside. I’d just wait for you to doze off and then come back, so don’t even try to get rid of me.” She glared at the brunette to make her point more clear.


Naya’s heart soared at the words coming out of Heather’s mouth. The girl truly cared for her, through thick and thin, Heather would be there for her. “That’s sweet. But why do you need to simulate pillows when you could just stay now?”


“Well because, you could be out for hours, I need something to do. So I’m going to go downstairs and choose a book from Cory’s book shelves to read while you sleep off your hallucinations. I’ll be back before you know it.” She smiled as she got off the bed. “So when I come back, I better see you asleep. Got it?” Heather pointed as she looked at Naya sternly.


Naya couldn’t help but chuckle at the pointing, “You watch Glee too much Hemo.”


Heather just shrugged, “Whatever, it’s a good show. You should watch it sometime, it’s got a really hot blonde ditzy cheerleader on it.” She smirked wondering what kind of response she would get out of Naya from her comment about her own character Brittany.


“Hmm… a hot cheerleader eh? Well then, I better get to watching this show ASAP.” For whatever reason in this moment, Naya didn’t care one bit that she was showing off how gay she really was. It must be the drugs. She thought to herself.


Heather was taken aback by this sudden onset of what could be described as flirting occurring between her and Naya right now. She had always dreamed of it but never thought it would be possible at all. Could I really have a shot with my best friend? Heather thought to herself. “Well I’m going to go now, I’ll be back in a little while okay?” She didn’t know what to say. She wanted to say something flirty back but she didn’t know what so she figured the best thing for her to do would be to just leave.


“Okay,” Naya said barely loud enough for Heather to hear. She felt almost hurt for some reason that Heather didn’t play off of that last comment. She shouldn’t feel hurt that her best friend didn’t want to flirt with her, yet she did. As bad as it felt, it was a familiar feeling because she loved Heather more than a friend and she knew that those feelings would never be returned. It was a hopeless desire. She wanted something she would never get.


Naya snuggled into the pillows Heather had set up for her pulling the comforter right up to her cheek hoping that these drugs would make the hurt go away.

Part 2

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