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My Fanfic Masterlist

  My Fanfic Masterlist

Brittany and Santana Fanfics

Coming Back To You (In-progress): While Brittany is coming to terms with her feelings for Santana, Santana is fighting herself to get back to Brittany. Will Santana realize that the world she's in isn't real or will she succumb to it and be gone forever?
Chapter 1 - What is Happening?
Chapter 2 - Losing A Battle
Chapter 3 - What Have I Done?
Chapter 4 - Just Talk To Her
Chapter 5 - Life Was Good
Chapter 6 - The Sun Is Here

Callie and Arizona Fanfics

Memories (on hiatus)): FUTURE FIC. Callie and Arizona and their two daughters go on a vacation and with it comes questions of their past. Callie and Arizona share there memories of when they were dating to their daughters while enjoying a nice vacation.
Chapter 1 - When They First Met
Chapter 2 - The Walk
Chapter 3 - Eternity
Chapter 4 - Newborns and Movies
Chapter 5 - The Rest is History
Chapter 6 - Getting There
Chapter 7 - Accidents Galore

The Truth Behind Arizona's Past (Complete) :There is something in Arizona's past that is the reason she doesn't want kids. What could it be?
Chapter 1 - Questions of Love
Chapter 2 - Was it a Reality or a Dream?
Chapter 3 - I'll Always Be There For You
Chapter 4 - Matt's Resemblance
Chapter 5 - It's Because Of You...
Chapter 6 - Is Love Enough?

That's What Nurses Do (Complete): A missing scene from 6.17. A funny little scene after Bailey tells Callie to go get condoms for her from the clinic. What will happen when Arizona finds her in there?

Tags: fandom: glee, fandom: grey's anatomy, fanfic

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